July 2 is I Forgot Day! Ironically, we did not forget about this day! Are you forgetful? For example, forgot about someone’s birthday, anniversary. or an appointment This is the day to make up for the things you forgot. We will like to celebrate this day with some promotional ideas such as a branded smart tracker with GPS.

I Forgot Day - Brander Smart Tracker with GPS

I Forgot Day

We all have to admit that we more often than not misplace our phones, keys and other small items in fairly obvious places, and having a branded smart tracker to find items especially your phone could be the answer to all of our problems.

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

These branded smart tracker devices are tiny with a length and width of both 36mm and a height of 5.8mm. It can be attached using a phone strap to any of your items be it your keys, purses or bags, so you can always find your phone and with a weight of 10g it’s ultra lightweight.

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

This product has a 3M VBH and an inside and back up battery. This branded smart tracker is compatible with both iOS and Android systems and works using bluetooth 4.0.

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

To use, simply pair the item with your phone using an app and bluetooth to enable your GPS location. If you cannot find your phone you can locate it by pressing the round button on the surface which will beep and flash, and this branded smart tracker will also notify you by beeping if you leave any items behind.

What’s more, they can be custom coloured, keeps a record of your location, has a bidirectional alarm, lost and found, and smart reminder functions making this a great promo gift idea!

How can this branded smart tracker help in your brand marketing?

  • Multi-functional use. This tracker is innovative as it can be used to track your phone GPS, and has functions such as bi-directional alarms, location records, only requires one touch, and send reminders. With a product this diverse it will help increase customer attention and perceived value.
  • Raise brand awareness. This branded smart tracker will be popular because of how mini, and simple to use it is. The more positively people perceive an item, the more likely they will use it out in public and show off to their friends and family. This will all help in increasing brand awareness especially if used in public.
  • Design. They are mini, portable, simple to use and can be customised by adding logo printing to the front surface. The colour of the device can also be customised, all in all they would make great give-away items at events, and given as a gift with purchase promo.

If interested in this branded smart tracker, please feel free to contact the ODM Group and quote product number ODM-1147 to a member of our sales team. We specialise in designing a huge range of promotional products and can help in providing promotional solutions and ideas for your projects.


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