If you struggle with coming up with the perfect client gift item – you’ve popped into the right page! Not only can the wireless charging notebook prevent your phone battery from depleting, but it also has many functions.

Client Gift Item

Client Gift Item

Unlike your typical notebook, this wireless charging notebook has a cover to protect the book from easy damage. Moreover, it holds many pockets to contain everyday items. The design is very similar to the passport holder promotional gift!



Client Gift Item

Client Gift Item

Why We Find This Client Gift Item Idea To Increase Work Efficiency?

  • High Functionality – Designed similarly to a Travel organizer, it has many compartments that serve various purposes. As seen, other than a cardholder, there is also a pen holder. With the digital age, our phone is never out of our sight. Hence, a wire compartment is also provided, alongside a phone holder. This certainly eliminates the need for a custom phone ring! Moreover, when the notebook is not in use, it acts as a charging station for phones. Users can now have a mini work-space personally for themselves which will definitely create better work management.
  • Customizability – A simple logo designed on the notebook will surely reinforce brand recognition. Moreover, simple texts or graphics can be printed throughout the pages to add personal touch. This can strengthen the relationship between clients as it reminds them to catch up with one another. Hence, it will garner potential sales for the company to reap profits from.
  • Organized and Systematic Work Ethic – The promotional pen and notebook set has many more features that can help organize users organize their work amidst a busy work schedule. During a conference cum networking session, the notebook can hold many name cards – at the same time – take important notes. It reduces the need to carry many stuff at once. Over time, an orderly lifestyle is practised and hence, users are also in better control of their mental health.

Areas of Improvements

  • Custom Pocket Mirror – Having a pocket mirror implemented onto the notebook will bring about convenience. As business people, users can check on their appearance now and then to ensure that they look presentable to have a good positive impression. Thus,

Overall, your corporate gifts to clients says a lot about your company as a brand.  So don’t hesitate to contact us because we specialize in product designing, custom retail packaging design and manufacturing high-quality promotional products and POS display units.

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Client Gift Item

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