As the famous quote goes, “Customer is king,” we should definitely treasure our clients. It is also important to show them our appreciation. One way is through giving gifts. Planning the kind of gift for clients can be difficult. If you are running out of ideas, we have some great products to inspire you.

Gift for Client - Paper Weight

Gift for Client – Paper Weight

Paper weight is classic. However, they are still useful and highly customizable. Take a look at the different kinds of paper weight that you can make. You may use different materials to get the desired shape. Even adding colour is not really difficult. The beach paper weight found in the picture only requires crystal glass and printed sticker at the back of the product. You may print your company logo or information with a nice artwork as a background.

The sailing ship paper weight looks very practical as it serves as paper clips holder and letter opener. Multi-function products are attractive and helpful. This design, however, can be improved by setting up a separate compartment so that the paper clips will not drop when using the letter opener. Another alternative is to make it detachable.

Gift for Client - Creative Paper Clips

Gift for Client – Creative Paper Clips

If your target is a group of enthusiasts, paper clips can be a great gift. This paper clip set resembles musical notes and will work very well for music shop or learning centre like Yamaha Music School. Design something that reflects your industry well. Being small, these paper clips are difficult to brand. You can make the clip to shape your company logo or you can come up with a nice packaging. Packaging plays an important role in creating a high perceived value of the product.

Gift for Client - Presenter

Gift for Client – Presenter

For business-to-business companies, this presenter can make the perfect gift for your client. Presentation is so much easier with remote controller and laser pointer. Your client is sure to be happy with the gift. It will help them to deliver a better presentation that may grow their business further.

Why gift for client is important?

Giving gifts for clients help to boost a positive brand image. Gifts that are useful will be kept for long period of time. This will serve as a reminder of your brand. This gift will be able to enforce brand recall. Useful gifts also show the clients that you are customer-oriented.