Coaster is a must have product for restaurants and bars. Coasters can be a very effective promotional product. Generally it has low production cost and is highly customizable. The trick to make promotional campaign exciting is to get customer participation. This custom promo can spark excitement from your customer. You can earn brand loyalty by giving good experience to your customers.

Custom Promo - Using Puzzle Coaster to Communicate Brand Image

Custom Promo – Using Puzzle Coaster to Communicate Brand Image

Making Custom Promo Exciting

It takes two to tango. This is true not only on personal relationship level. Involving your customer can bring in more business for you. Customer participation helps to strengthen brand loyalty. This is often because they find a special connection with your brand.

This puzzle coaster is a fun, exciting custom promo. It is perfect for a table for four, but it does work for smaller or bigger group as well. While waiting for you to serve their drinks, they can play around with this coaster.

It is exciting to when you only have a small piece of information. Your customer will be curious to see the big picture. Put your slogan on this coaster. It will communicate your brand image  effectively.

Importance of Using Custom Promo Products

Why take the trouble to plan and come up with a custom promo? Promotional product need to be customized according your brand image and the profile of your customers. This product is more likely to please your customers

Giving away promotional gift will strengthen brand recall. As an example, this coaster can be a cool household item too. Household item has a very high brand visibility. Customers may use them everyday and get familiar with your brand.

When your customers are serving their guest some drinks, they might use this coaster too. Word of mouth is an old marketing method but it is still very effective too. This is a way you can prompt your customers to advertise for you. This way, you can enlarge your customer base.