Somersby Apple cider designed a promo coaster as part of their promotional campaign to increase brand awareness. Coasters are capable of protecting table surfaces from condensation and potential scratches by providing a place for drinks to rest upon which makes these promo coasters excellent as gifts and for promotion during pub events and at clubs.

Somersby Apple Cider Promo Coaster

Somersby Apple Cider Promo Coaster


The coaster has the shape of an apple, branded with Somersby’s slogan and logo on it. Putting an interesting short quote or slogan that is great to grab people’s attention, which is a great tool to enforce brand recall. This will also add value to the brand image.

Why is a promo coaster good for promoting your brand?

  • Easy to personalise. Coasters are easy to design with your drinks logo, brand and even slogan. They can feature the colours of your brand to show off your brand. They can also be customised to suit any shape of coaster, and can be made in different materials.
  • Brand awareness. Promo coasters are great for placing on the bar counter and on tables, they will also be continually used for customers to place their drinks and will therefore the brand will always be seen.

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And a few words for our Danish readers:

Somersby cider bruger storytelling som en del af deres markedsføring, her har de gjordt det at de laver en coaster formet som et æble og tilført et slogan som fremhæver produktet, og skaber fokus på god kvalitet og gode råvarer samtidig med at det er meget i øjenfaldende.