Are you looking something entertaining for the youngsters? Then maybe take a look at this promotional magnetic drawing book. The books can be customized in many different shapes and sizes or with different instructions like these ones where there is shown how to draw a specific animal.

Drawing Books

Drawing Books

Instead of having a big mess with pencils and toys, use this promotional magnetic drawing book that lasts longer. Brand it with your details to enforce the brand awareness and brand recall. This product is good for meal promotion for kids, tour group for families, or even for school’s anniversary events. The color shape and task inside of this drawing books can be customized to any brand, color and campaign you like.

Why should you think about a Promotional Magnetic Drawing Book?

  • Unique but effective. This unique promotional magnetic drawing book is going to gain a lot of attention to your brand. This is not a product which you will not find on every product as a Gift with Purchase or Purchase with Purchase and this will boost your sales.
  • Children. Children want to have something fun and will cry in the supermarket to make sure their parents buy this product. If you can catch the attention of children with a product like this you will make a lot of sales and gain a big brand awareness.
  • Additional Customer. Such a product will not only attract current but also potential customers and will be spread by the children in their kindergarten or school.

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