Innocent Smoothie in Denmark are doing a remarkable job to be visible on the market, they are always visible with different street promotions, competitions and events with their products. Even on their Facebook page they are doing a good job in promoting themselves.

Due to the release of the Cinderella movie, they could make many Cinderella themed promotions all over Denmark. This could be really princess inspired things like princess accessories, key hangers or other types of promotional gifts they could hand out for keeping the brand recall for each customer.

Cinderella Movie

Cinderella Movie

Innocent Smoothie could have made a special packaging where they gave a sample of their product with the Cinderella movie or even a little Cinderella bag with samples of their products – in this way they can tap on the craze over the newly released movie to promote their products, AND to keep brand awareness and brand recall high with a cool promotional product.

Why should you think about Cinderella related Promotions?

  • Boost Sales. To promote with Cinderella related packaging or products is always clever as this will appear as an incentive product on the market and will boost not only your brand awareness, but also your Sales.
  • Attracts Customers. A promotion like this will attract kids, which is perfect for a product like the Innocent Smoothies, as they are healthy products and not full of sugar, which means that parents will prefer to buy this product for their kids.

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