In relation to the movie launch of the Tin Tin movie in Denmark last year, Matilde made a really cool promotional event. The event was as follows, when customers sign up either on the TinTin website homepage or Facebook page, they were automatically put into a competition for the chance of winning a trip to Hollywood for the whole family.

Danish Home textiles brand, Matilde was the sponsor for the Tin Tin movie and in this promotional movie campaign their POS-material display was visible absolutely everywhere at the cinemas under the movie launch, and this provides a tremendous amount of brand awareness.

Matilde Kakao & Tin Tin Movie Launch - Denmark

Matilde Kakao & Tin Tin Movie Launch – Denmark

Throughout the period customers could also win tickets to the movie launch premier. On top of this, they could also get hold of some cool movie launch incentive products every week just for signing up.

Matilde Kakao & Tin Tin Movie Launch - Denmark

Matilde Kakao & Tin Tin Movie Launch – Denmark

Some of the products included in the movie promotion were T-shirts and back packs and they have the promo branding of both Matilde and the Tin Tin movie launch logos. thus providing excellent brand exposure.

Why are movie launch products excellent for increasing brand awareness?

  • Gift packs are a great marketing tool aimed at the younger generation and especially children. The aim is to treat fans to merchandise goodies that makes the receiver feel special.
  • Through the use of merchandise promotional products, the user will grow more interested and involved with the franchise. This will result in a higher probability that the person will want to see future productions of the movie or game and will drive sales of related merchandise.
  • The gift pack items also serve as a marketing purpose for other potential target customers. They also aim to create ‘hype’ and excitement about a movie or game release, constantly exposing the movie title to the public. Merchandise is also used to increase the reputation and image of the brand.

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A couple of words for our Danish followers:

Matilde Kakao har lavet en del super fede live events. Sidste år sponsorerede de udgivelsen af Tin tin’s nye film hvor de både havde en konkurrence kørende om en rejse men også udloddede reklamegaver til alle der tilmeldte sig konkurrencen.