The Danish chocolate milk company, Matilde Kakao have recently launched different marketing campaigns related to milk promotion in Denmark.

The company uses birthday parties as part of their promotion, where their customers can get tips on how to make a good party, which of course includes the using of Matilde chocolate milk. In the first promotion they want their customers to write a post about their best birthday tips, and the best tips will be rewarded with this cool promotional t-shirt and a bunch of Matilde chocolate milk.

Tshirts are really simple to mass produce in China and have a huge space for branding.

Milk promotion - Matilde Birthday Event

Milk promotion – Matilde Birthday Event


Worth doing physical events to create solid marketing in milk promotion

In the second milk promotion they are making a live promotion in the train stations in Denmark, where they meet their customers on the road and give away Matilde chocolate milk. If the customers spin the Chocolate wheel they may win an incentive products that can be redeemed from 7-Eleven.

Milk promotion - Mathilde Live Promo

Milk promotion – Matilde Live Promo

This is a really cool way to attract some attention to the brand. Matilde Kakao have been on the market many years, and making and event like this for sure creates some product awareness and attracts new people to the chocolate world of Matilde.

There are many ways we could include POS Displays and giveaways in events to be able to capture our target customers in advertising related to milk promotion.

Our design team can definitely assist you in creating bespoken POS displays that are not been seen before in the market and raise the efficiency within your milk promotion.

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