Using a promotional cap in your campaign is an easy way to spread your brand awareness due to the shear attention that promotional caps have. And here is one promotional cap campaign you don’t want to miss out on.

Worldwide famous ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s, are growing their business on using fair trade ingredients in their products and have lately had a competition where their customers could win a trip to Uganda to learn more about sustainable agriculture by African Fairtrade vanilla farmers.

Ben & Jerry’s use many different types of promotional products in their marketing. As part of this promotional campaign, they are giving out a branded promotional cap, T-shirt and many more to give away as freebies to promote to people who they are and what they stand for.

Ben & Jerry "Join Our Core" Promotional Cap

Ben & Jerry “Join Our Core” Promotional Cap

People love the products of this brand, so making cool (no pun intended) looking promotional products like this promotional cap will excite the customers to wear them everyday – and this facilitates free advertising.

Why use a promotional cap in your product promotion campaign?

  • It is agreed that a cap is a common item, but a promotional cap could potentially have a big impact. This item is relatively inexpensive but, because of its practicality, everybody would be glad to receive this as a gift.
  • For the brand, it is also a nice product to get important visibility at a relatively reasonable cost. By wearing this promotional cap, the public is actually helping the firm to increase its brand awareness; something that is always needed in order to stand out from the crowd.

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