Innocent is offering a gift with purchase. With every purchase of their bottled smoothie, consumers receive an adorable bottle neck. This gift with purchase was in Dunnes Store, a supermarket in Ireland.

Gift with Purchase by Innocent Drinks – Promotional Bottle Necks

Gift with Purchase by Innocent Drinks – Promotional Bottle Necks

Innocent has been in the food and beverage industry for over ten years now. Through the years, it has been able to garner the support of the local Irish market, building a large customer base. Innocent has branched out to more than just smoothies and now offer a variety of drinks. With this, they are better able to cater to a larger consumer market. They focus on using organic ingredients to produce natural, delicious tasting products. They do this with the aim of helping their consumers lead a healthy lifestyle. Their products also aims to cater to the niche market of health-conscious customers while trying to reach out to the general consumer market.

Pros and cons of this Gift with Purchase

This marketing gift is massively eye catching and attention grabbing. This causes the drinks to stand out from among the other drinks in the shelf. Consumers would be more likely to pick up this drink and the gift as compared to the other drinks on the shelf. This would help to increase sales.

Innocents’ gift with purchase targets children. The moment a child sees this adorable hat on the bottle they would persuade their parents to buy it for them. Parents, wanting to dote on their children would grant their request and purchase the drink for them. As the gift is small and convenient to bring around, the child may bring it with him everywhere he goes .  Thus, increasing brand awareness and visibility. It would also be easier for people to recall the brand.

However, this promotional product does not have much utility value. Most people would simply leave the bottle neck in their office cubicles to store mini items like paper clips and such. Or they may use it for as an ornamental decoration in their homes or offices.