On display in Zhuhai, S. China, a Chinese drinks company is offering a free gift with purchase with their baijiu. This is a great example of marketing technique. Below we will explain why a promotional drinks coolzee can be effective. We will also advise on why a similar product such as this can help your business.

Promotional Drinks Coolzee - Gift with purchase in Zhuhai

Promotional Drinks Coolzee – Gift with purchase in Zhuhai

Why a promotional drinks coolzee can be successful

  • Encourages sales: Offer someone something for free, and you’ve got their attention. As this promotional drinks coolzee is combined as a free gift with purchase, it is an efficient way to push sales. Offering a gift with purchase also helps to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Functionality: When offering a gift with any type of product, it is essential that the gift in question offers durability and value, rather than offering a smaller and more perishable gift. Offering a promotional drinks coolzee is both practical and usable with the original product. It is therefore something that is highly likely to be used and kept by the customer. It also offers added protection to the product.
Promotional Drinks Coolzee - Gift with purchase in Zhuhai

Promotional Drinks Coolzee – Gift with purchase in Zhuhai

  • Maintain customer loyalty: Customer retention is more of a long term positive of this promotion. Many customers will willingly choose a company offering more for their money. As a result, they are more likely to stick with your brand in future.
  • Design: This promotional drinks coolzee makes for a great promotional product. This is plenty of room for company branding and logos. Moreover, the materials typically used are excellent for printing as well.

While a gift with purchase helps you stand out of the shelf in a supermarket, point of sales displays do this even more. Our blogs on POS displays can show you just how to do this.

Everyone enjoys a hot or cold drink, so why not promote your brand with a unique promotional drinks coolzee? These items are great for use on-the-go gift or use in the office for example. With summer coming up, plan your summer promotion ahead of time now.

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