Check out these stylish and sleek drink cooler and water bottle! ODM spotted theis great promotional idea at the Canton Fair 2012! These drink coolers are available in a variety of attractive soft colours which blends with the environment. These drink cooler can  be tailored according to any company’s need.

Promotional Drink Cooler from the Canton Fair

Why is this promotional idea a good one?

These drink coolers are suitable for drink companies like Coca-Cola and Lipton. This works well for spirits company as well. Brand these drink coolers with your logo to increase brand awareness. The durability of these drink coolers is an important factor to enforce long-term brand recall. Or you can also try these water bottle.

Promotional Water Bottle from the Canton Fair

These water bottles are made with shatter-proof material which makes them suitable for outdoor event or even dangerous sports such as rock climbing. They are also available in many colours that can match your company colour. This is great as promotional gifts during product launch. We can incorporate the logo or the graphic of the product into the artwork, just like what ELLE did to this iPad case. Licensed character can be printed as well, increasing the perceived value of these bottles. Aren’t they great as incentive products?

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