An interesting thing about golf is that there is no off season! Golf championship is on-going all year round. The latest one was the Tiger’s World Challenge, with Graeme McDowell as champion. Although golf is going all year round, leisure golf is more popular in good weather like spring and summer. If you are targeting golfers, you should get ready with your golf promotion. Show your customers that you appreciate them – and of course golf!

Golf Promotion - Water Bottle Cooler

Golf Promotion – Water Bottle Cooler

Make Your Golf Promotion Effective

Golf is such an expensive sport. This often boxed our mind to only use premium gifts. However, this may not work all the time. Golfers have strong purchasing power. If you want to increase your membership sales, this is not going to work. What you can do is to create an event. This will increase awareness of your brand strongly.

What ODM dislikes about events is that although it increases brand awareness, it does not guarantee the attendees will remember the brand. Often it is forgotten right after the event is over. In order to make your golf promotion effective, give out some promotional gifts at the events.

This water bottle cooler can be a very good example. The shape follows that of a golf bag. Anybody will be able to use this. This product is great to keep the temperature of the drinks. It is also useful when carrying cold drinks inside another bag. It will prevent the condensed water droplets to wet any other stuff.

The product has a large surface, which give you many branding options. You can use labels or print your logo on the product. You can customize the zipper as well. Consider using it as a gift with purchase for golf magazines. You can entice the customer to buy a copy of your magazine by a promotional item. This will drive sales and increase brand image.