These customisable record coasters would be a great addition to music marketing and drinks marketing campaigns alike. Offering a product with not only great brand coverage but also high functionality. Music is a universal language that speaks volume. Brands can also use that to their advantage and connect deeply to customers. They will hence show appreciation and value by staying brand loyal.

Customizable Record Coaster Set

music marketing - custom record coasters set

music marketing – custom record coasters set

What Makes The Customisable Record Coaster Set Captivating?

  • House Decor with High Functionality – They’re easily washable and dishwasher safe. These coasters will put a new spin on protecting your furniture. Not only are vinyl records making a high-street comeback as far as music lovers are concerned, but they have also sparked a revolution in home/office decoration! Due to the perceived higher value and quality of vinyl, this will translate to any branding placed upon the coaster set.
  • Material Used – Made from silicon rubber, it can withstand high and low temperatures far better than their organic rubber counterparts. Moreover, it has good thermal stability. Overall, it will be a good promotional giveaway product for the drinks industry as the silicone is a durable material so it will be well-suited for hot or cold drinks.
  • Organized & Stylish – This will be appropriate for corporate parties or dinners when brands want to ensure consistency and at the same time, promote brand awareness. An example would be Tea marketing and how they branded their logo and name on to the coaster – they even customize the coaster into the shape of a teapot!  Check out this Halloween promo which also did the same.

Why is this great for music marketing promo?

Music marketing - Customisable Record Coaster

Music marketing – Customisable Record Coaster


Music marketing - Customisable Record Coaster

Music marketing – Customisable Record Coaster

This is perfect for any companies looking for items for music marketing campaign. However, it would be just as nice to give a retro feel to a drinks marketing campaign also. Made from PVC silicone rubber, they’re normally manufactured in black. Dependant on quantity these are customisable to match any Pantone colour. The centre of the vinyl, usually where the music details go, is the perfect location and size for vibrant logo placement. For high quantities, it is possible to open a new mould where your logo is carved into grooves. The other option could be a debossed logo which looks like 3D and will add some volume to your record coasters. The diameter measures 10cm and the thickness measures 3mm. This allows for a sturdy product with a nice slip-proof base.

Music marketing - Customisable Record Coaster

Music marketing – Customisable Record Coaster

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We believe this would be perfect on pack promo for a music magazine, perhaps to tie into an anniversary of theirs. Equally, this could be great for a quirky in pack promo for a coffee or tea company. The fact that this item is available in sets of 4 and 2 in a branded, fully customisable box adds great value. The box offers much branding space and if given as a gift to customers, greatly increases the presentation.

You can inquire about this product directly by using the code: ODM-P-131


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