Check out these promotional giveaway products by Camus and Remy Martin at a Duty Free shop in Asia. Customers will get a free backpack or a promotional luggage bag with purchase of any of their featured liquor products.

Why Brands Should Use Unique Promotional Giveaway Products

Why Brands Should Use Unique Promotional Giveaway Products


Practical and versatile, bags make great drinks promotional products. They are an exciting addition to any brand campaign as there is always a demand for such items.

Thinking of using the same strategy? This blog will look at the pros and cons of utilising bags as marketing gifts.

Benefits of Branded Bags as Promotional Giveaway Products for Marketing Drinks

  • Practical: The backpack and suitcase are useful for travels, thereby exposing your brands within and outside the country. Travelers are more likely to be motivated to buy from them because they get absolute value for money.
  • Unlimited Design and Branding Potential: Bags are a classic promotional item because they are flexible in terms of design and functionality. Good brand positioning allows marketers to share their brand message effectively.
  • Long Lasting Exposure: Sturdy and stylish, these promotional bags ensure long lasting brand exposure.
Why Brands Should Use Unique Promotional Giveaway Products

Why Brands Should Use Unique Promotional Giveaway Products

The Downside:

A lot of brands are using this strategy at Duty Free shops and the lack of originality might push your brand in the background. In this example, both brands – Remy Martin and Camus – used the same promo gifts. The lack of variety pushes customers to try other brands that offer better and more novel customer incentive.

With so many brands using custom luggage bags for marketing drinks, making a solid impression on your customers can be a bit challenging. Moreover, we have seen the same style and design from other brands as well. As a business owner, you want your promotional products to be impactful and at the same time different from other brands. In addition, your customers might not want a luggage bag after all.

Quick fix? You might want to add unique functionality to the bags or hook customers with a novelty product that they can only get from your brand. Check out these ones below:

The branded wineskin bag makes a fantastic promotional incentive gift for wine brands because it is related to the product being sold. Bota bag is traditionally used to store liquor and water in the past. Principe de Viana put a spin on this simple product whilst retaining its vintage appeal. Wine enthusiasts and collectors will definitely find this one interesting.


Unique and environment -friendly, these cork products are ideal as promotional wine gifts.


All in all, originality and creativity are important if you truly want to stand out! The competition is tough and having a promotional product that is exclusively made for your company will help you set your brand apart.


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