Tired of the usual drinks marketing gimmick? If so, then this promotional chair with beer shaped back may be what you need for your brand campaign.

Promotional Chair with Beer Shaped Back: Unique Design Sparks Interest

Promotional Chair with Beer Shaped Back: Unique Design Sparks Interest

Beverage and wine companies usually opt for branded glasses as they are versatile and can be massed produced at a more affordable price. This makes them ideal for beer festivals and in-store promotions. However, if you really want to stand out, investing in a custom promotional merchandise is necessary. And this customized chair with beer can-shaped back will further increase brand recognition no matter where you use it.

What Makes this Promotional Chair a Good Marketing Tool?

This new product is an interesting addition to your marketing project. Aside from its eye-catching unique design, it can serve many purpose as well. For instance, you can use the chair as a point of sale display for in-store and even outdoor promotion, similar to what L’Occitane had done with their bicycle POS display here:

If you are looking to increase your sales, you can arrange a purchase with purchase promo with the chair as your giveaway item. The chair is also perfect for the beach so this will make a great summer beer promo giveaway.

What We Like About this New Promotional Chair

One of the reasons we love custom chairs as a marketing tool is that they offer tremendous advertising advantages. Depending on the design and quality of materials, this product can ensure lasting branding exposure.

  • Design: We love the simple yet impactful design of the chair. The color and branding stands out and it can easily catch the attention of your target audience. The backrest resembles the shape of a beer can. And this helps create a solid visual representation of your product.
  • High Utility: Marketers love high utility products because it effectively creates customer-brand engagement. The more your customers use your promotional chair, the more they become exposed to your brand.
  • Versatility: With a promotional chair, you can have various design options. You can use virtually any material that suits your branding needs and marketing budget. Check out this office chair giveaway from Red Bull. The comfortable and convenient design combined with a nice print makes this an excellent drinks promo gift.
  • Long Lasting Brand Visibility: Made from high quality materials, you can be sure that your customers will be able to use your product for a very long time. Durability means longer lasting brand visibility.

Here at ODM, we can help create high-quality personalized promotional & marketing Gift Items for the drinks industry. So if you like this product, contact ODM through our inquiry page. Don’t forget to include product code 2130 to get quote for this product.

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