7-Eleven launched another interesting marketing to take inspiration from. This time the promotion is a purchase with purchase offering branded tote bags.

In the industry of promotional products, the competitiveness is surely spread and high. However among the infinite range of items, some are more preferred over others. The most common are for sure writing instruments, shirts and bags.

Purchase with Purchase : One Piece Branded Tote Bags

Purchase with Purchase : One Piece Branded Tote Bags

The poster promotes the fast food of the international chain of convenience stores. Indeed the first row advertises the chance to get some branded tote bags with the purchase of some pies, milk or other products.

A little below, we find the details regarding the mentioned branded tote bags. With an additional amount of $39.9 the client get one One Piece themed bag. The choice can be made between the two displayed, in black or in white.

Why are promo branded tote bags like this so popular?

  • higher turnover: It is inevitable for people to be teased by free gifts and promotions. For sure you will be able to higher your sales. The problem however lies in keeping low the costs and not only high revenues. If you fail in doing so, the marketing campaing results meaningless. On the other hand, branded tote bags, have a very wide advertising effect, are tempting for their usefulness and also at the same time very cheap.
  • brand exposureTote bags are very common promo gifts for many reasons, one of them is for being free walking advertisements. Because of their usefulness people will show your brand from one end of the world to another. Just think how many people now always carry a tote bag with them due to the no plastic bag policy in many countries.
  • custom: Another reason is the high customisation: different shapes, colours, materials, sizes and branding designs. 7-Eleven played with the fondness of customers for one of the most famous japanese anime. It was clever to try understanding the target customers and offering a bag accordingly.

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