Competitive Promotion: Amstel’s Branded BBQ Grill as a Summer Promo

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when the Weather channel predicts a nice, warm summer weekend? It could be a summer getaway, sunbathing on the beach, or a barbeque grilling! Why settle for the ordinary one if someone can offer you branded BBQ this summer season?

Just a few weeks from now, we will totally feel the summer breeze. We can finally enjoy, swimming on the beach,  travels, having a barbeque party, and a night out with friends. Knowing all these, different businesses started to flood the market with different summer promotional merchandise. And this summer promotion of the Amstel brand really caught our attention.

Competitive Promotion - Branded BBQ by Amstel Beer

Competitive Promotion – Branded BBQ by Amstel Beer

What’s with the Barrel?

Summer with not be completed without snipping the scent of a grilling barbeque. And as we all know, barbeque is perfect to partner with an oozing beer. Being one of the biggest breweries in Europe, Amstel decided to combine its popular drinks with this grilled meat for its summer promotion. They come up with a barrel-shaped in-store display.

Competitive Promotion - Branded BBQ by Amstel Beer

Competitive Promotion – Branded BBQ by Amstel Beer

Customers will have the chance to win a branded barbeque griller once they availed themselves of two multipacks or one crate of Amstel Radler of any choice.  They can purchase any of these products from participating stores and retailers.

The branded BBQ griller actually looks like an oil barrel. The brand name and logo are printed on the barrel itself. Moreover, it is fitted with a barbeque grill plate and a lid. In this case, the barbeque is branded with Radler beer by Amstel, a type of beer mixed with lemon. This is a very light beer, hence, it is perfect for summer when the demand for fruity and light beers is high.

This competitive promotion has a big, standing cardboard poster that explains what the promotion is all about: “Win an Amstel Radler Branded BBQ with two multipacks or one crate of Amstel beer of your choice.” But in order to qualify, the customer then has to fill out their contact details and put them in the Amstel Radler promotion box.

Why do we like this Branded BBQ for Competitive Promotion?

1. High Quality

This branded BBQ griller is obviously of high quality. Offering such item makes customers feel like they are getting value for their money. As customers nowadays are after the product quality, this BBQ griller is something that they will appreciate. Moreover, it is perfect to offer to people who are in the food business.

Since the promotion was released during the summer season, groups and families who love to held get together would be lucky to get this once-in-a-year promo of the brand.

2. Boosts Sales

The brand summer marketing strategy is definitely a smart one. Implementing promotion which makes people avail more of its products just to get this high-quality item probably help them boost its sales. The more products they buy, the higher the chance of winning. Because the threshold to enter is quite low and the prize is a very nice product, more people might want to join the promo.

3. Additional Customers

As mentioned above, more customers might be attracted and motivated to join the contest and make unplanned purchases if an item like this is offered as a prize. This custom BBQ barrel is unique and is only offered for a short time. Since it is available for a limited time only, more customers won’t waste time just to get this item.

4. Perfect for Brand Awareness

Who would not notice Amstel’s summer promotion? This in-store display surely piqued not just our interest but definitely most people who see the promo.

Being in the brewery industry for years, the brand is already a pioneer in creating effective and strategic ways to promote its products. The way it showcased its brand identity simply creates awareness towards people. Moreover, the customization of the BBQ barrel is definitely one thing that we love the most about this promo.

To Put it Altogether

We have seen a variety of promotions for all occasions and seasons, and this promo above is one of the many that really worth featuring. It was released during the summer season, thus, it definitely something that most customers love to have.

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