Every summer definitely has a story. People are all looking forward to taking a break from their busy lives. They would love to make each of their summer breaks full of fun and thrilling experiences that they can go back down to memory lane. During this hot season, we certainly crave refreshing drinks and beverages that will quench our thirst. Nothing will ever beat the relish of drinking these summer drinks after a tiring yet amusing outdoor activity. If you’re looking for summer promotional products that will absolutely offer your consumers a more delightful summer experience, check out this case study we prepared for you. Let us make your summer marketing remarkable and the hottest in the market!

Summer Marketing

Summer Marketing


Silicone Glasses: The Hottest Summer Marketing Material

These silicone glasses are made of high-quality food-grade silicone. This material is known for its remarkable resistance to any temperature. Due to their smooth shape, these glasses are also easy to clean and dry.

Summer Marketing

Summer Marketing

These summer promotional items are totally customizable. We can make these suit your brand marketing needs. Your brand logo or name can be either printed or laser-engraved in these wonderful silicone glasses. All Pantone colors are available, but we suggest incorporating your brand colors and other elements for a more distinct look.

Summer Marketing

Summer Marketing


Why Should You Choose this Summer Marketing Idea for Your Next Brand Promotion?

1. Convenience and Practicality –

These silicone glasses are undoubtedly lightweight. Consumers can bring them anywhere at any time. They are certainly perfect for outdoor activities such as mountain hikes, picnics, and camping. With its high-quality material, it will never take up a lot of space. You can simply put them into pouches and even in your pocket!

2. A Quirky Promotional Item –

Definitely refreshing to the eyes of the consumers; they will love how quirky this promotional item is! Notably, these silicone glasses are not your typical drink glasses. This unique marketing material can offer peace of mind to users, as they don’t need to constantly worry about the damage it might get. It is not as fragile as other glasses that we usually see and own. With the quality and uniqueness, they can also offer these silicone glasses to their family and friends.

3. Long-Term Value of Advertising –

This summer marketing product idea is not just perfect for this hot season. You can absolutely advertise with this all year-’round! We all aim for the long-term value of advertising, but this is undeniably challenging to keep at times. As they come in sturdy and durable material, these glasses can certainly serve your consumers for a long time. These promotional items are totally easy to produce and modify. You can customize them according to your changing marketing campaign. Furthermore, these silicone glasses can provide a remarkable giveaway item to your target audiences.

4. Caters A Wide Variety of Industries –

As you can target long-term advertising with these silicone glasses, you can also market them to a wide variety of industries. This summer marketing product idea is ideal for the broad category under the food and beverage industry. It can be versatile marketing material for beverage promotion and alcohol marketing.


In Conclusion,

Summer marketing can be one of the most fun and exciting marketing campaign you’ll ever plan. These silicone glasses are perfect promotional items, whether indoors or outdoors! They can certainly make your summer marketing strategy sizzling and refreshing at the same time. If you like this summer promotional product, contact us today and quote ODM-1392 in your email of inquiry.

ODM Group has been in the promotional products industry for many years and has worked with different global brands. With years of experience in the promotional and marketing industry, we can definitely help you with your marketing needs! We can provide you top-notch product sourcing, designing, and manufacturing services. If you are interested in sourcing new promotional products, get in touch with our team today. We would love to hear from you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these Silicone Glasses be Transparent?

Definitely yes! We can make it possible for your brand marketing. Just reach out to our team and tell us your instructions.

Is Food-Grade Silicone A Safe Material?

Food-grade silicone is made without petroleum-based chemicals, BPA, BPS, or fillers. Consequently, these glasses are safe to use for the oven, microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher. It's absolutely safe to store beverages and food on this type of material.

What If I Like to Modify The Design?

Don't worry; we can totally help you with that. We have a dedicated team of in-house designers that can help you bring your ideas to life. Don't hesitate to send us an email of inquiry so we can talk through your design plan.