Summer is here! Beating the heat is more fun with the upcoming summer and swimming events. Holding an event? Looking for some custom promotional merchandise or summer promotional items to make it more enticing to potential participants? Well, these custom water shoes are what you are waiting for. These custom water shoes could be your perfect giveaways or summer beach promo items on your summer and swimming events this year.

custom water shoes

custom water shoes

Why Do Your Participants Need Custom Water Shoes?

Is it just a want and not a necessity? Is it just another cost, or would it really bring more success and a good review for your summer and swimming event? Why do your participants need to wear these custom water shoes at your event?

  • Feet protection and safety. These custom water shoes cover the whole feet. What would be your activities? Would there be water sports like Kayaking, Tubing, Boating, or Fishing? Surely there will be swimming. Water shoes can protect the feet of your participants from any possible accidents. Which makes your summer or swimming event safe for everyone.
  • Feet comfort. Slip-on style footwear is only good at the seashore or poolside but not when doing water sports activities. The custom water shoes are lightweight and quick-dry. This can make your event’s participants enjoy the happenings more.
  • Stylish and fashionable. This is perfectly matched to any swimming attire. No need to think about how to stay poised and stylish while having fun.

How can these custom water shoes help your event successful?

What will be your criteria to say that a summer or swimming event is successful? Was it safe but fun? Was it memorable? These could be your measure of achievement. So, how do these custom water shoes add to your accomplishment rate?

  1. Increase participants’ trust rate

    If you were able to give them a truly enjoyable and safe event, you deserve to conduct another one. You can gain their trust when you can assure their protection.

  2. Build up your brand

    Increasing their trust rates means boosting your brand. Participants will remember you for what they’ve experienced not just for what they’ve purchased.

  3. Can turn attendees into regular participants

    Highly satisfied attendees will definitely come again. By letting them wear these custom water shoes, they’ll inevitably join you for your next summer or swimming event.

  4. The next events will never be hard to promote

    Happy participants who will come back to your next events will bring a family or a friend. Don’t give yourself a hard time in promoting your succeeding events. You can make it easier now!

custom water shoes

custom water shoes


Summer means having fun! People are looking for outdoor activities or summer trips that will make them happy. Take the opportunity to boost your brand and increase your sales through outdoor advertising. Give them a fun and safe summer or swimming event. These custom water shoes can undoubtedly help you! Interested to customize these products? Send us an email and don’t forget to quote the product code is ODM-3313. Create the best summer event this year. Order now.

ODM is very much happy to help you to succeed in your event. We can assist you by providing custom design items such as water shoes, summer bags, or any summer promotional products you may think of!


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