This promo clothing idea is perfect for any weather be it wet or dry. The basics of this design allows the shoe to rap around the foot, giving the wearer the options to change the size by adjusting the string as well as easily folding it away when transporting.

The material is light, only averaging at about 25g, as well as durable with great grip on the bottom to preventing the customer wearing the promo clothing from falling over.

Companies such as Billabong may like this promo clothing for sporting events as it is very minimal and due to the material being used, wont be affected by water.

Promo Clothing Idea: Easy Shoes for All Weather

Promo Clothing Idea: Easy Shoes for All Weather

What We Like About This promo clothing:

  • Offers a range of colours to choose from as well as easy logo placement possibilities  across the shoe. Whether it’s flat or around the foot this promo clothing is very customisable.
  • Due to their unusual design and appearance, the shoes immediately attract attention and with a logo this will even  further attract the attention of customers and make your brand remembered.
  • As it is space saving, meaning it will be carried around with the customer a lot more, this increases brand exposure of the promo clothing. This is because it will be with them regularly due to the convenience.  wherever they go and whoever they meet, building connections with them and your company.


ODM think this an unusual but interesting product that has a lot of potential. If you are interested in this promo clothing or want to have your own idea made into the next big promotional product then contact us today. Our in house design team, Mindsparkz offer many creative solutions for companies wanting to bring themselves forward and get their brand known.

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