As mother would always say, never put a saucepan or hot plate down on a hard kitchen surface or table, and this is where branded kitchen accessories such as this cool fold-able trivet comes in handy.

Most trivets are unfold-able and take up a lot of space when they cannot be stacked and placed together neatly in the kitchen drawer or cupboard, however with this saucepan trivet you can easily create more space in your kitchen.

Branded Kitchen Accessories - Fold-able Saucepan Trivet

Branded Kitchen Accessories – Fold-able Saucepan Trivet

Branded kitchen accessories are usually made from metal, however these are made from silicone and metal. Silicone is extremely versatile because it has heat resisting properties, its flexible, soft and cost effective.

Branded kitchen accessories and why they make effective promotional products.

  • Design. This trivet can be custom coloured and can be designed to match your brand. The flexible and fold-able qualities of this trivet make it one item to keep handy hanging up in the kitchen.
  • Brand exposure. If you enjoy home cooking you will love this promo product. When used during meal times especially when hosting friends or family it will definitely ignite interest for your brands products.
  • Practicality. Ultra portable, and protective these products will make customers become more interested in what other products your brand has to offer. Helping to increase customer interest and future retention.

This is such a useful product with huge promotional potential. There are numerous types of branded kitchen accessories including this saucepan trivet that can help in effectively promote your brand, so contact us today for more information and inspirational ideas!

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