Although sight is not technically part of taste, it influences one’s perception. Interestingly enough, foods are actually identified mostly by your senses of sight and smell not by taste. Based on a study by a neurosurgeon, to our brain’s our experience with “taste” is actually a combination of our three senses into a single sensation. Promotional Kitchen Items like these silicon and bamboo kitchenware might just be the cherry on top for your customers meal experience.

 Promotional Kitchen Items - Silicone and Bamboo Serveware Sets

Promotional Kitchen Items – Silicone and Bamboo Serveware Sets

Manufactured from silicone these promotional kitchen items provide a cost efficient, durable and safer option when compared to china made serve-ware. Especially if your customers have kids at home. The bamboo base has indents to securely fit the silicone dish reducing the chance of food falling off the plate and reducing breakages.

 Promotional Kitchen Items - Silicone and Bamboo Serveware Sets

Promotional Kitchen Items – Silicone and Bamboo Serveware Sets

Available in different custom shapes, and in colours such as white, yellow, red, and green, they provide a fun yet classic alternative to brightening up your kitchen. To add to that, these particular silicone bowls are also collapsible providing easy storage.

 Promotional Kitchen Items - Silicone and Bamboo Serveware Sets

Promotional Kitchen Items – Silicone and Bamboo Serveware Sets

No dish or meal is complete with utensils and these silicon and bamboo serveware sets comes with spoons can be used for placing sauces and other food condiments.

As promotional items, these serving sets would make great purchase gift items and items for your in store marketing displays. With great appeal for the food and drinks industry, interior design companies, and any brand that offers kitchen products!

Why choose these promotional kitchen items for your promotion?

Brand value

Promotional kitchen items make great free gifts for your brand. Simply because of how practical kitchen items are and how often they will be used in the household. With your brand’s logo printed on these kitchen items, they serve as daily reminders of your brand to your customers as they are in use. Furthermore, you will impress your customers with the sets’ simple yet unique design. Gifts like these will also leave the user with a positive relationship of your brand. Customers always appreciate a good and practical gift!

Design and branding

Your brand logo can be etched or printed onto the bamboo base, and the silicone dishes can be customised in shape and colour giving plenty of product choice to fit your demographic of customers. For instance, prints that will appeal to parents for kitchenware for their kids, or a monochromatic colour palette for a higher-end look. Your options are endless!

Reinforce Your Brand

Remember how visuals play a big role in anyone’s experience with food? Plating and kitchenware is part of the whole experience of dining at home. Designs that are simple and sleek attract customers. Furthermore, kitchenware is used daily in many households. This way, your promotional kitchen items becomes a memory of your brand every time your customers uses it.


When it comes to the environment, silicon and bamboo are highly durable and more ocean friendly then plastic in your kitchen. Silicon, which is made from silica found in sand is much more durable than plastic. This material can withstand high and low temperatures which is perfect for kitchen use. In addition, eco-friendly products build trust with your customers and overtime this will lead to brand loyalty. In addition, with a high durable and sustainable material, your product, hence brand will stay longer with your customers at home.

How can ODM Help?

Don’t be the host with the miss matched serve ware and use these silicone and bamboo promotional kitchen items for your next promotion. Here at ODM we create high quality promotional merchandise for brands globally. For more information about this promotional product, please feel free to call us and quote product number ODM- 1208

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