Hao Liyou 好丽友 internationally known as Orion gave away promotional kitchen products for their New Year marketing stint in Asia. The brand welcomed the Year of the Dog with an absolute bang! Customers will free kitchenware when they purchase a certain amount.

Orion Spiced Up CNY Promo with Promotional Kitchen Products

Orion Spiced Up CNY Promo with Promotional Kitchen Products


Spend $58 worth of the brands merchandise and they will get free coffee set or tea set. Purchase $98 worth of Orion merchandise and they will get a plate and bowl complete with dim sum spoons. These are all great New Year’s customer giveaways.

With so many products competing for shelf space and attention from customers, such promotion is an excellent opportunity to make noise. Here’s why:


Promotional Kitchen Products by Orion – Why It’s a Good Idea

  • Related to the Product Being Sold: Orion offers sweet delicacies that will go well with coffee or tea. So offering a coffee and tea set is a good decision. This furthers engage customers to go and buy their products.
Orion Spiced Up CNY Promo with Promotional Kitchen Products

Orion Spiced Up CNY Promo with Promotional Kitchen Products

  • Practical Value: These items will definitely be of use. Its practical value is enough to convince customers to make a purchase. Moreover, Customer incentives that are practical are always wanted. Thus, customers will want to buy the products to get these free gifts!
  • Reinforces Brand Loyalty: Freebies are a great motivator for customers to stick with a brand.

Do you want to make your promotion as successful as Orion’s? To achieve great results, here are some tips for using promotional kitchen products for your next campaign.


How to Use Kitchen Items for Promotions

  • Branding: Consider printing your logo or brand name on your marketing giveaways. Branding gives off a feeling of exclusivity. And getting these exclusive deals will make customers feel as if they scored big. Moreover, with your brand name/ logo on each of the promotional kitchen utensil or kitchenware you are exposing your brand to target customers.
  • Purchase with Purchase Promotions: Sell high-end kitchen appliance at a discounted price! Purchase with purchase is a great way to increase in-store sales.
  • Use as Bonded Premium: For smaller articles such as dim sum spoon, spatula and sauce bowl, marketing managers may opt to attach the product to the packaging or use it as on-pack bottle necker. Check out this blog for examples:


How ODM Can Help?

In need of promotional kitchen products for your business? We, at ODM can help you out. We can customize promotional products and marketing gifts to help you grow your business! Speak with us today!

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