With the recent pandemic, where people are forced to stay at home, and many people have been spending more time in the kitchen. No doubt that this is the decade that many people rediscovered the joy of cooking. With that said, there has been a surge in the demand for multi-functional kitchen products. This is one of the reasons businesses are incorporating kitchen promotional products into their marketing.

One of our favorites would be this multi-purpose vegetable shredder chopper.

Kitchen Promotional Products

Kitchen Promotional Products

Chopping vegetables can be a bit of a task. For amateurs who are new to cooking, using a knife to finely chop herbs can be a bit daunting. If not very careful, they could hurt their hands.

But this herb and vegetable chopper takes the work out of chopping veggies. The body is made from sturdy ABS plastic while the blades are made from stainless steel. As stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, it is very safe to use. This multi-functional kitchen promotional product is perfect to shred parsley, mint, cabbage, and any other leafy vegetables or herbs and spices.

As a promotional product, they can be offered as a redemption gift or a corporate gift for work-from-home employees. They will surely appreciate the practicality of the product.

You can customize this item by adding your logo to it.

Kitchen Promotional Products

Kitchen Promotional Products


What other kitchen tools should you offer your customers as a promotional product?


Most Trendy Kitchen Promotional Products

ODM got it all for you. Check out these kitchen promotional items your customers will wish to have.

Multi-purpose Wood Fiber Board

This sturdy multi-use chopping board is made from wood fiber. Homemakers can use it as a chopping board or a cheeseboard. You can customize this by placing your logo on its handler or on the board itself. As you must know, wood fibers can be pressed into hard, flat panels that provide a less costly alternative to wood or plywood – that is how sturdy this board is. So, want to impress your customers? Its product code is 2324.

Kitchen Promotional Products

Kitchen Promotional Products

Silicone Handle Can and Bottle Opener

This cute yet multi-use silicone handle can and bottle opener come in a unique design. This promotional kitchen gadget can help you open jars, cans, and bottles. It is unquestionably simple to utilize and allows you to finish your task quickly. Interested in this promotional kitchen gift? Quote, product code ODM-3557. 

Kitchen Promotional Products

Kitchen Promotional Products

Adjustable Jar Opener

This adjustable jar opener is really highly impressive. Its handle is built of pp plastic that is definitely firm and can endure even high temperatures. This promotional kitchen item can be adjusted so you can easily open cans or jars. Interested? Product code ODM-3564.

Kitchen Promotional Products

Kitchen Promotional Products


3-in-1 Promotional Bottle Opener

This 3-in-1 bottle opener is an exceptional kitchen tool. It has a magnet, a lid opener, ring pull opener, on top of its can opener function. Being multifunctional, this will surely stir the curiosity of customers. Offer them as a redemption promotional product to engage customers. To know more about this product, email us with product code ODM-1880.

Promotional Bottle Opener

Promotional Bottle Opener


Why Customers Go Crazy Over Multi-functional Kitchen Promotional Products?

Undoubtedly, promotional kitchen tools have hooked all of us. Here are the strong reasons why:

  1. Multi-functional products have great value

    Items with many uses are a great help to us. Multi-functional means that it will cater to different concerns we have. Especially in the kitchen, where things-to-do requires a tool to accomplish.

  2. Makes cooking easy and simple

    If you are a cook, you would also choose a tool that will help you cook easier, faster, and simpler. Customers would be so delighted to own multi-functional kitchen promotional products that will help them materialize the picture they have on their heads.

  3. To achieve Instagrammable photos

    This is also a generation where food needs to be photographed first before eating them. People today love to flex what they’ve prepared on social media.

  4. Cooking their favorite foods at home

    Due to Covid-19, we are not allowed to go outside unless for important matters. But truly, people still crave their favorite foods. As such, with these pieces of multi-functional branded kitchenware available at home, they can now achieve the look they desired.

  5. Minimize the kitchen paraphernalia

    Multi-functional branded kitchen supplies also mean that homemakers don’t have to keep different kitchen tools on the cupboard. So, they will get a tidier and lighter kitchen at home.


Kitchen Promotional Products

Kitchen Promotional Products

In conclusion,

You can never go wrong with multi-functional kitchen promotional items. At this point of our generation, people are trying to minimize the kitchen tools they are using and switching to more efficient ones. Address the market’s demand and needs. At the end of the day, business is all about giving people unending solutions that they will surely love.


ODM’s Role

Here at ODM, we provide different promotional merchandise and custom branded products that any industries need. Since 2003, ODM has been providing innovative customizable products suitable for any type of business. We have our creative team, Mindsparkz, who can help brainstorm and design ideas for kitchen promo items you’ll definitely embrace. Contact us today!


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