The pandemic we are going through definitely makes us more cautious than before. Consequently, the demand for sanitary and hygiene products has soared. Stocking up on Covid-19 supplies and antiviral tools is essential to face this health crisis. Contactless tools are among the products that have gained traction today. If there’s a touch tool for punching elevator buttons and opening doors, there are also foot pedals for people who have no touch tools on hand.

Door openers reduce contact between users and the door itself. These tools prevent people from touching unsanitary surfaces as they go in and out of their house and different establishments. Keeping our hands germ-free can help lower the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria lurking around us. Unlike the handy door openers that people have already seen in the market, this promotional door opener stays in the same place to serve its purpose.

Promotional Door Opener

Promotional Door Opener


What is a Promotional Foot Door Opener

Notably, this promotional door opener is foot-operated. It is made of stainless steel, a material that is known for its sturdiness and corrosion resistance. This foot door opener can withstand everyday wear and tear. It is also a low-maintenance material that doesn’t need too much attention. In addition, the typical size for this promotional door opener is 11cm x 7.6cm x 3cm. However, the size can also be customized depending on your requirement.

Promotional Door Opener

Promotional Door Opener


How to Advertise with a Promotional Door Opener

1. This promotional tool is easy to install.

This foot-operated promotional door opener can be installed into any commercial wood or metal door with so much ease. The package comes with screws or bolts to fasten the door opener to the bottom corner of a door. The doorstep comes with an additional stainless steel plate to fit more doors. It will provide convenience to shoppers as they don’t need to pay for installation fees and proceed with it themselves.

2. It is a built-to-last Product

Made from high-quality material, this promotional item is certainly built-to-last. You can have peace of mind with this product because it aims to serve you in the long run. This stainless steel foot-operated door opener is not easy to be trampled nor damaged.

Promotional Door Opener

Promotional Door Opener


3. It promotes sanitation and hygiene awareness.

According to studies, door handles are hotspots for bacteria. It is just one of the dirtiest spots where viruses and bacteria can thrive quickly. Battling this pandemic consists of staying vigilant and observing hygiene practices all the time. This promotional door opener, just like a custom brass door opener, can promote sanitation and hygiene awareness proactively.

Promotional Door Opener

Promotional Door Opener

4. Ideal for public establishments.

Making your customers feel safe and comfortable is certainly one of your priorities, especially during this pandemic. This door opener is definitely ideal for fast-food chains, supermarkets, offices, and shops to prevent customers and employees from touching door handles. Undoubtedly, installing these foot-operated door openers can provide extra protection to a lot of people. This will increase customers’ trust in the long run.

5.  A subtle way of marking your brand

Through this promotional door opener, you can subtly promote your brand. The first thing that will welcome your customers as they open the door is the logo that’s engraved on the pedal. You can indirectly increase brand awareness by customizing this promotional door opener with your brand name or logo, colors, fonts, and other design elements. In effect, it serves as a point of purchase for the business.


Promotional Door Opener

Promotional Door Opener


Our Takeaways…

This promotional door opener is paramount in keeping up with the new normal as it minimizes the need to touch common area surfaces. Shoppers will undoubtedly get enticed by the convenience and health benefits that this product offers. This is a simple yet effective way of protecting your customers, employees, and business whilst promoting your brand.

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