Frequent handwashing and using sanitizers is our first line of defense against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Using tissue or latex gloves to cover your hands when opening doors, are also a great way to prevent contracting the virus. But what if you forgot to bring a pocket tissue or gloves? Here is another smart idea to help you to open doors, punching elevator buttons, ATM keypads, and door handles without directly touching the surface: custom brass door opener keychain!

Custom Brass Door Opener Keychain

Custom Brass Door Opener Keychain

According to studies, coronavirus may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. And this is why we should also refrain from touching surfaces such as door handles as much as possible.

From a customer’s perspective, this is an ingenious product that they can use every day. You see, once you touched the door with a tissue, you need to throw it away so as to keep the virus from spreading. The same goes for latex gloves. Doctors and nurses need them more than us. With many health workers risking their lives fighting COVID-19, we cannot afford to waste any medical grade gloves for our everyday activities. One of the solutions we have come up with is an opener that is reusable and sturdy enough to last even after this pandemic.


Why Invest in a Custom Custom Brass Door Opener?

Multifunctional- This door opener is so simple, yet very useful. It has a jagged hook you can use for door handles and drawers and a pointed end that serves as a stylus for ATM and keypad of your security lock. The finger slot ensures that the keychain will not slip from your fingers. It also allows you to apply enough pressure on your custom brass door opener.

Additional Protection- Do you need to withdraw cash from the ATM but you do not want to touch the keypad or the screen for fear of contracting the virus? Then this custom brass door opener is exactly what you need. The tip of the key opener works as a stylus so you do not have to touch the surface of the ATM or even the keypad of your security lock.

Custom Brass Door Opener Keychain

Custom Brass Door Opener Keychain

Made of Brass – Because it is made from brass, this door opener keychain is durable, reusable, and easy to clean, which makes it hygienic.

Small, portable, and doubles as a keychain– It is small enough to fit in your jeans pockets so you will not forget to bring them along with you. Attach a carabiner or a lanyard to make sure you always have it in your bag.

Brand Ambassadors Kit Thinking of putting together a custom pandemic kit? Then do not forget to include this small, yet useful product in the mix!

Custom Brass Door Opener Keychain

Custom Brass Door Opener Keychain

Ergonomic Finger Slot- This new brass door opener is like an extension of your finger. With an ergonomic finger slot, you can be sure that it is comfortable to use even with the exertion of force.

Customization- If you are thinking of using them for promotions, be sure to have your logo laser engraved or printed on the surface. This will ensure that customers will see your company every time they use it. As it is small, you can even offer it as a freebie for on-pack promotions or gift with purchase promos.



Our Takeaways…

When it comes to product development, we always should always think in terms of what people need. As marketing managers and business owners, we work hard to give our customers and clients high-quality products that they can use to improve their everyday life.

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