As the surge of Covid-19 continues, how does Higeen company maintain its sales using its branded hand sanitizer holder?  It is very evident that the pandemic greatly affects the sales of all businesses. And for Higeen, it positively affects their business. Being in the industry for over 3 decades, Higeen has already built its reputation in producing quality hygiene products. Thus, the pandemic helped them to create even greater ways for people to trust and maintain their image. This adorable hand sanitizer is a headturnder in the Airport of Sharjah.

branded hand sanitizer holder

Higeen’s Branded Hand Sanitizer Holder

How it Slay Airport of Sharjah’s Aisles?

Even before the pandemic started, a hand sanitizer has been one of the essentials found within a hygiene kit. But, as the Covid-19 hit across the globe, carrying it became a must. As some countries loosened their health and travel restrictions, it reminds people to become even more careful. Some airports are already allowed to operate. And people take this chance to travel and take their vacations. But as they are allowed to travel, they must be equipped with their personal hygiene kit.

There could be a thousand custom hand sanitizers available in the market. But what makes Hygeen’s branded hand sanitizer holder unique?



Definitely, the attention-grabbing cover of the hand sanitizer makes this product gain popularity from customers. Who would ignore its adorable design? Children are not the only ones who will be delighted to see this. Even adults will definitely love the holder designs. Higeen’s hand sanitizer holder comes in various character designs that make passersby stop and purchase them.

branded hand sanitizer holder

Higeen’s Branded Hand Sanitizer Holder


This branded hand sanitizer holder is made from silicone. The quality of the material guaranteed the quality of the item. Products made from silicone are certainly durable and resistant to the changing environment. This property makes customers use the sanitizer holder in the long run.



Viruses are very easy to spread.  Making hand sanitizers accessible may keep people safe all the time. This holder can be easily attached to backpacks and serve as a keychain for your customers as well. A hand sanitizer is very important to have nowadays, thus a sanitizer holder is also necessary.


What Makes it an Ideal Promotional Product?


The Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over. People must still be cautious all the time. Their personal hygiene kit must always be with them when they are going outside of their homes. Thus, a hand sanitizer is one of these things. And to make sure that their customers will not forget to bring their sanitizers, they attached a silicone holder to it, which is a clever idea. Hook it to their bags, wallets, and belt loops for everyday protection.


There is no doubt that this branded hand sanitizer holder will pique the interest of the people. Not only does it make the product more convenient to carry, but it also makes a cute little decoration to their bags. The portability of the item is also one of the reasons people would like it. The design and usability of the holder urge customers to buy the products.

branded hand sanitizer holder

Higeen’s Branded Hand Sanitizer Holder


Higeen made a smart move of putting its name in the holder. People can see their brand’s name on the holder every time they use it. Thus, it helps in keeping the brand name on top of the mind of the customers. And since people will carry it everywhere they go, they discreetly advertise the product as well.

branded hand sanitizer holder

Higeen’s Branded Hand Sanitizer Holder


Protecting oneself from disease-causing germs and viruses need not be boring. So to appeal to their younger market and encourage them to practice proper hand-hygiene, Higeen used their mascots as their main design. We could not think of any better idea than this. You see, the best way to engage kids is to make the products visually appealing since kids are very visual by nature. This hand sanitizer is something they will have fun using.


Here’s another similar idea that’s definitely ahead of its time

We saw this promotional idea by Walch in a Hong Kong shop a little more than two years ago. They were offering a free bottle with the purchase of a box of hand sanitizers. What is great about this gift is that it comes with a silicone holder that customers can reuse.

Even before the pandemic, Walch is definitely ahead of the curve in offering such a useful and practical gift to their customers.

To Sum Up…

This year could be the year for some businesses to regain what they have lost because of the pandemic. It could be the year for others to continue creating relevant products that can help improve the lives of people. Higeen simply shows that no matter what the situation is, they will find ways to stand out. They made sure to appeal to a wider and diverse market base by creating fun designs.


How We Can Help?

The higher the quality of the product, the higher the sales it creates. For over a decade, we have created quality promotional products for our clients. From the customization of their business giveaways to designing of the brand packaging, our team is here to help out. If you are a company that is looking for a partner to curate the designs you want and customize the product you need, we, at ODM would be glad to help. We love to be your partner to achieving your business success. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our service offered.

Considering the situation, promotional products related to health and hygiene would be effective. So here are some ideas that you might consider.


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