Want to know how to drag your customers in? Want to learn effective promotional products for your wine business? If yes, these promotional bottle openers will make your customers coming in. These promotional gift products would probably make them crave more. These items would definitely entice and invite more prospective clients.

Promotional Bottle Openers

Promotional Bottle Openers

Business Recovery Year

It is very evident that all businesses were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses are striving to get things back to normal even the surge continues across the globe up until now. One of the industries that have been affected by the pandemic is the drinks industry.

Moreso, online transactions and online shopping prevail nowadays. As this trend started to grow, many companies take advantage of this. They created strategic ways on how to market their products even online. And you as business owners have to make smart moves to make your products still pleasing for your customers. However, this does not mean that you have to shell out a large amount of capital to do so.

One of the most popular ideas for marketing drinks is bottle openers. They are extremely versatile, handy, and inexpensive. They can come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and designs. Some even have additional functionalities just like the below examples.


Designer’s Belt Bottle Opener

promotional bottle openers

Promotional Bottle Openers

Introduce your products and impress your prospective clients with this unique bottle opener. It may sound absurd, but yes! This designer’s belt bottle opener is really something. The item is made from PU (PolyUrethane) leather. There is only a little difference between this material and genuine leather (when it comes to aesthetics). But in terms of the material cost, it is way cheaper than the original. In addition, PU leather can be made into a vast array of styles and color selections. The material used in this product doesn’t absorb water, therefore it is very easy to clean.

Another good thing about this product is that it has a 2-in-1 functionality. It can be a bottle opener and a men’s belt at the same time. The belt and the opener are both stylish. Moreover, the product is very customizable. Its color and logo style could also be curated according to preference.

This would make a fantastic beer marketing idea. Because it is so unique it would definitely make your brand stand out. They can be offered as a special offer GWP or a giveaway for summer promotions.

Its novelty is a critical selling factor. We have seen a cap with a built-in bottle opener before, but this is probably the first time we have seen a belt with the additional functionality of a bottle opener.


Gun Bottle Opener

Target your clients perfectly with this bottle opener. This is very different from other bottle openers we have seen before. Made in the shape of a gun, it is really iconic and fun to use. Once the cap is off, aim at a target and fire the gun bottle opener. This is definitely a great addition to any drinking game.

The design can also be created according to the needs of the brand. Aside from the style, its size, logo, and packaging can also be modified.

promotional bottle openers

Promotional Bottle Openers


How can Businesses Take Advantage Of These?

1. Attract Customers

These promotional bottle openers are obviously very rare to see in common bars and restaurants. Its creative design is the reason people are hook on them. They have a very distinctive appeal that can allure clients.  They are absolutely head-turners and captivating promo items. Thus, people wil not be able to resist getting these products.

2. Help in Brand Awareness

Nobody can ignore the uniqueness of these promotional bottle openers. More customers would be tempted to get your products. Including them in your promotional merchandise can help increase your sales. Since the products are very customizable, businesses may use them to advertise their brand. These bottle openers can be a good medium to showcase products and services as well. These items could be perfect to use for bar and drink promotion.

3. Increase Brand Value

The items’ design and features definitely set them apart from the other brands. The appealing style of these promotional bottle openers adds an extraordinary look to them. Knowing that people are fond of comparing things, they would certainly compare them to other bottle openers. Thus, they would presume that along with these unique promo items are quality services and products. The higher their expectations, the higher the possibility that people will purchase these items.

 4. Better Sustainability

promotional bottle openers

Promotional Bottle Openers


These products are better for sustainability since they use fewer resources to make. The designer’s belt bottle opener is made from PU leather that is very durable and highly-used for heavy-duty purposes. The material used can last long and does not damage immediately. Also, the metal used for the buckle is a sturdy one. Therefore, the overall quality of the product is absolutely good.


promotional bottle openers

The gun bottle opener, on the other hand, is made of ABS plastic. The material used in this product is sturdy yet has a good dyeing performance. Also, the plastic material is very resilient to impact and is full of luster on the surface. Same with the belt bottle opener, this item is also durable and can be used for a long period of time. The exceptional quality of this product will make clients support your brand even more.

5. Ideal Promotional Gifts

These promotional bottle openers may also serve as a brand gift with purchase merchandise or a gift for premium clients. It would also serve as a great promo gift to help stimulate sales and gain clients’ trust and loyalty to you. Giving away these items will help to keep your brand on top of their minds.


To Wrap This Up…

promotional bottle openers

Promotional Bottle Openers

Handy, sturdy, and attention-grabbing, customized beer bottle openers are such a brilliant marketing idea for beer brands. They create instant interaction with your brand the more they are being used.

The unique features of the product are very evident and the benefits that can businesses get from them are surely impressive.


Why ODM?

ODM has vast experience when it comes to producing custom promotional giveaways for businesses. Contact us if you think these promotional bottle openers would be perfect for your brand, feel free to keep in touch with us. We will help you in designing and creating the product you need. Send us an email today, and use the codes, ODM-3498 for the designer’s belt bottle opener, and ODM- 3548 for the gun bottle opener.

You may also check the next blog posts for more wine marketing ideas.


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