You can never go wrong with the chocolate business. This is the ultimate product – adults and kids – can’t resist. That is why the packaging for chocolates can be quite challenging. As we all know, custom packaging design affects the buying decision of customers. No matter how good or sweet the chocolate you are selling, if its packaging doesn’t match the quality, sales are not guaranteed. With that said, this custom plush toy packaging by Kinder made shoppers go crazy with its irresistible packaging for chocolates.

Packaging for Chocolates

Packaging for Chocolates

Kinder, one of the most leading brands of chocolates all over the world launched its newest packaging. A plush toy small custom backpacks that contain chocolates. Spotted in Sharjah airport in UAE, shoppers, and travelers can’t stop buying the said product. Aside from the high-quality chocolatey taste of Kinder’s products, the plush toy packaging encouraged people to purchase.


What makes Kinder’s Packaging for Chocolates Irresistible?

What is the story behind Kinder’s packaging marketing success? As a chocolate business owner, what can you learn from them?

  1. Kinder’s packaging for chocolates is extremely attention-grabbing.

    Who would not turn their heads the moment they see this packaging? Surely, as soon as you enter the airport, it is impossible not to notice this product. So, Kinder proved why it is still one of the most loved chocolate brands all over the world.

  2. It makes a great travel retail merchandise.

    These premium merchandise are intentionally placed inside an airport. Why? So, travelers would purchase this as a gift for their friends or loved ones. Many travelers have someone waiting for their arrival or comeback. So, this chocolate product is already ideal as presents.

  3. The custom packaging design tells a deep story.

    Sweetness overload. If a loved one came from a faraway place, bringing to you this as a surprise gift, you would surely feel touched. Business branding isn’t just about the logo, it is the experience you bring to your customers. This unique packaging idea represents sweetness, thoughtfulness, and, love to customers.

  4. Kinder’s packaging for chocolates can make everybody happy.

    Every receiver will definitely be wowed and touched by this custom retail packaging. As this plush toy contains chocolates, it doubles the happiness of the recipient. The packaging idea is adorable!

  5. The innovative packaging idea is out-of-the-box.

    The merchandise packaging idea isn’t just adorable, it is also reusable. A multi-functional packaging design will definitely make your brand stand out from your competitors. Customers love promotional products packaging that is creative and purposeful.

How can you apply it in your confectionery business?

What can we learn from Kinder’s newest packaging for chocolates? What are the things you need to take note of and apply in your chocolate business when it comes to packaging?

  1. Be creative, go beyond the ordinary.
  2. Tell a story to customers.
  3. Invest in a good and effective packaging marketing plan.
  4. Make sure that the packaging will not just protect your products from different temperatures but will also influence customers’ buying decisions.
Packaging for Chocolates

Packaging for Chocolates

This is not the first time Kinder has used a plush toy to entice customers. Here is a similar marketing campaign from last year:


ODM’s Role

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