Jura is getting lots of attention in Hong Kong, thanks to their amazing travel retail merchandise. Customers will get a free travel bag and whiskey flask when they buy a certain amount.

Travel Retail Merchandise

Travel Retail Merchandise

How can customers avail of these exclusive products? Shoppers will get a Jura handbag upon purchase over HK$900. Those who purchase over HK$600 will get a Jura whiskey flask. Who does not like freebies? Customers will surely be encouraged to buy more than what they initially planned to, increasing sales in the long run.


The brand is currently promoting their 19-year old whiskey, which was named after Paps of Jura, the three mountain range on the western side of the island Jura. The special offer gift with purchase bag and flask are part of their travel retail exclusive. Practical and gift-ready, the travel merchandise will surely delight travelers and frequent flyers who are looking for a present.


Why We Love Jura’s Travel Retail Merchandise

Practical and Functional– Travelers will always need a bag for their trips and this is why Jura is offering a trendy travel tote. Bags are go-to promotional gifts by many companies. They offer companies huge brand impressions because they are practical, functional, and fairly easy to customize.

Travel Retail Merchandise

Travel Retail Merchandise

Local and International Visibility– Jura will certainly gain local and international exposure through their giveaway bag. Like promotional T-shirts and other wearable promotional merchandise, bags serve as a moving advertisement. People take them anywhere they go, which means, greater visibility for the brand.

Aesthetic Appeal- We can see that a leather tag is sewn into the bag. It adds a touch of class to their canvas bag. we also love the simple yet sleek design because it is suitable for both men and women. The color also makes it look professionally-designed.

Travel Retail Merchandise

Travel Retail Merchandise

Novelty– Jura’s whiskey flask comes in bronze finish, which makes it look really high-end. Similar to their Jura packaging, the flask shows the terrain of Jura. Doing so helps them imprint their brand image to its customers’ minds. This is perfect for downsizing that bottle of whiskey during travels. Jura’s promotional flask is perfect for anyone who wants to have a sip of whiskey while on the go.


Other Outstanding Marketing Ideas from Jura’s Travel Retail Merchandise Campaign

Bottle Glorifier: The bottles of Jura Whiskey sit on LED-lighted custom bottle glorifiers, giving them a warm glow that catches people’s attention.

POS Display: The backdrop is a photo of Jura mountains, which further reinforces their brand statement.


Previous Travel Retail Promo By Jura

Jura Packaging- we absolutely love this previous beverage packaging. The description at the back of the bottle explains the meaning behind their mysterious bottle design “Banishment Century.” On the front is a depiction of what seems to be the Eye of Horus. Learn more about this excellent idea here:


Indoor Display, Gifts, and Exceptional Packaging- Jura went all out in their previous airport marketing at Duty Zero. They offered a free flask with a minimum spend of HK$600 and a travel tote bag. They also did a great job showcasing their products through a lovely custom POP display. Read the blog to know how this one is different from Jura’s current promotion.


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