We recently spotted this interesting Unilever‘s promotion in Walmart stores. The company is giving away a free tote bag as part of their promotional campaign in Asia. This simple strategy of giveaway promotional tote bag has several benefits for the company, let’s discover them!

Giveaway promotional tote bag

Giveaway promotional tote bag

5 Benefits of Giveaway Promotional Tote Bag

Customers loves gifts

Giving away a free gift is always a good strategy because customers love receiving gifts. You make customers happy and they will reuse it again and again, so it will increase your brand exposure! Customers who will use your promotional gift bag will instantly become your brand’s “walking billboards.”

Boost Brand Awareness

You can develop promotional tote bags for different promotional campaigns. It will raise awareness about your brand and the campaign you invest in. For example, if you create a tote bag to support charities or organizations, it will also raise awareness about your cause! Therefore, anyone who uses this tote bag from Unilever will always associate the brand with cool gifts.

Giveaway promotional tote bag 2

Giveaway promotional tote bag in Walmart’s retail store

Free advertising tool

As said before, the tote bag is the perfect free advertising product to boost brand awareness and exposure. Moreover, customers can use it on a daily basis and on the long run.


Promotional tote bags are memorable. They are useful because customers can carry a lot of things. Moreover, they are very appreciated by the audience. You can also use it to hold other gifts; if you giveaway during special events, the tote bag can be useful to carry other promotional items!


The average cost of manufacturing a promotional tote bag is low compared to other custom promotional products. Moreover, you can decide whatever material you want to use. For example, canvas tote bags are very trendy and cost-effective!


To sum up, the giveaway promotional tote bag is a very simple but effective strategy. Moreover, tote bags are 100% customizable, and that’s what makes them unique! Very interesting tote bags ideas would be cooler ones, clear plastic ones, 100% recycled ones or with a mesh side pocket for water bottles.


How can ODM help?

So, interested in boost your brand awareness and exposure through promotional products? We have extensive experience in designing and sourcing promotional products such as tote bags. So do send us an email if you need to help with sourcing a promotional tote bag.  Our product designers at Mindsparkz will be pleased to create for you a masterpiece to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next marketing gift or POS display.


Interesting case studies about tote bags

Promotional tote bag are perfect as a corporate gift. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen client/company relationship. when it comes to design, it should be functional, yet looks classy to suit the corporate environment.


These tote bags are awesome marketing tools for the Borough Market in London. We absolutely love the concept behind these reusable tote bags. They are custom designed and a great way to increase brand exposure in retail shops


Want more creative ideas about promotional tote bags? Pepsi and KFC teamed up to create a stylish and practical promotional bag for customers.


Promotional beach tote bag as a gift with purchase is an incredible way to boost brand awareness and can also help to gain visibility.


Gifting loyal consumers with a custom branded bag will certainly show their appreciation! This will no doubt drive impulse purchases as the tote bag is a one-of-a-kind personalized promotional product.