A collaboration between Pepsi & KFC is brewing as they offer a custom reusable bag with every purchase of their promotional set meal, ‘Pepsi Sharing Bucket’! This complimentary gift bag serves as a multipurpose tool for consumers. With its extraordinary designs, it can easily attract diners to go for this value for money set meal instead.

Custom Reusable Bag

Custom Reusable Bag

Design A boasts a simple circular design while Design B goes for triangular design. The similarity that is kept the same is the artwork of the logo that certainly boosts brand recall! The dimensions of the bag is also shown on the promotional display. With a length of 38cm and width of 32cm, the bag is big enough for everyday items. Read more about Promotional Tote Bag Types to understand more about the type of materials used!

Custom Reusable Bag

Custom Reusable Bag


Why Is A Custom Reusable Bag Effective As A Promotional Giveaway?

  • Trendy & Practical – Tote bags are simple yet fashionable to be matched and carried around with. Moreover, everyday items such as wallet and mobile phone can be kept in this tote bag. Hence, the value of the item is high and that attracts a wider audience.
  • Cost-Saving – It is considerably cheap to produce a canvas bag. This allows brands to focus more on the intricacy of the designs so that they can allure more consumers to patronize their brands.
  • Eco-Friendly – With an increasing need to save the environment, the use of tote bags for grocery shopping reduces the need for single use plastic bags. Therefore, it not only increases brand recognition but also encourages consumers to do their part in protecting the earth.


Areas of Improvements

  • More Variations – A bag that has reflective strips can improve road visibility at night. It acts as safety feature so no doubt that there will be increase perceived value of the product. Moreover, the bag offered could come not only in the form of a tote bag but a promotional drawstring bag option.
  • Changeable Forms – By offering a bag that can switch from a bag-pack to a hand-carry or sling bag will certainly boosts functionality. Also, it reduces the need to produce an additional design! Check out how Jag does it with their branded giveaway bag!

Tote bags might be commonly seen everywhere, but it is noticeably a great promotional tactic as it can easily attract people with its custom designs.  At ODM, we specialize in product designing, brand design packaging and manufacturing high-quality promotional products. If you need design services, we have a team of product designers and merchandisers who can help you with product brainstorming session. Do drop us an inquiry today!


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