Garden Bread Hong Kong sparked their 2018 CNY promotions with a promotional tote bag and free gift promotions. This was done last New Year, and we believe companies can learn a thing or two from their promotional stint. The elements thrown into the strategy will be useful for their upcoming Chinese New Year campaign.

Garden's CNY Promotions -Tote Bag and Exciting Gifts Spread Festive Vibe!

Garden’s CNY Promotions -Tote Bag and Exciting Gifts Spread Festive Vibe!

The brand gave away a promotional tote bag to wish their customers good luck. Since red is a lucky color in Chinese culture, the red tote bag signifies luck and abundance. Moreover, free bread and cookies are a great way to start the New Year abundantly!

But what could companies learn from Garden’s CNY promotions? Below, we explain what this campaign is all about and why it works.


What We Like About Garden’s 2018 CNY Promotions

For those wondering what’s written on the promotional poster, Garden is offering exciting gift with purchase items for every purchase of their Lucky Candies. The display says “Open Garden’s red lid, Luck will roll here.” The slogan is timely and it effectively encourages people to make a purchase to “get lucky.”

Garden's CNY Promotions -Tote Bag and Exciting Gifts Spread Festive Vibe!

Garden’s CNY Promotions -Tote Bag and Exciting Gifts Spread Festive Vibe!

Here’s what they offer:

1. Buy any biscuit/sweet = 1 free bottle of lucky candies
2. Buy 108 yuan and above = 1 free bottle + 1  goodie bag
3. 198 yuan and above = 1 towel gift box + 1 goodie bag
4. 288 yuan and above = 1 fashion bag + 1 goodie bag
5. 2 bag of 350g sweets = free 180g biscuit

The amount of gifts increases the more they spend, a great way to encourage customers to make additional purchase to get the gift they want.

In addition, all the promotional gift offer are practical and will be used by the recipient on daily basis. This further improves customer relationship and ultimately customer retention.

Moreover, Customer incentives during shopping peak season attract more customers because they know they’ll get rewarded for purchasing more!


Top reasons this CNY Promotions work:

  • Appeals to Customers’ Needs: The red promotional gift bag is effective in driving impulse purchase because it is practical and trendy. Women can definitely use this item at work, school, and at a casual day out, thereby reinforcing brand engagement.
  • Cultural Relevance: The use of color red and giving away lucky candies and sweet goodies reflect the Chinese culture. Since food and family gatherings are a large part of Chinese New Year celebrations, these lucky candies are relevant for the celebration. Plus, customers will feel really lucky for getting free items for every certain amount of purchase.
  • Clear Message: The brand’s message is strong and clear in this one: wishing their customers an abundant year with Lucky candies. What a great way to start the year with a bang!


Suggestions to Further Improve CNY Promotions

  • We noticed that the poster is in Chinese. This makes it hard for foreigners to understand what the sign means. If you must, have an English version of the material so that foreigners can better understand the mechanics. This helps widen your market base, which is important if you want to differentiate your brand and stand out.
  • POS display- Using custom POS displays that resonates with the festivity will definitely improve visual impact. Moreover, it will get your message across more clearly. Take a look at this example from Ferrero. Everything from the color choice to the props and retail packaging, embodies the Chinese culture.


If you need help with your CNY promotions- be it promotional gifts or free standing display units and retail display ideas contact ODM. Our team can help you from product brainstorming sessions all the way through designing, sourcing and manufacturing. Get in touch with us!


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