Lai See is the custom of giving a gift of money in a special red envelope during the Chinese New Year’s celebration. In the Chinese culture red is a lucky color. Both red and gold (which represents wealth) are popular colors for Chinese New Year celebrations.

The combination of the red envelope and money represent a wish for good luck and good fortune in the coming year as red represents good luck and gold represents money and wealth. Many believe that good luck will come to both the giver and the recipient of the Lai See. See Gifting Culture blog.

In Asia, it is a tradition to use brand new banknotes for lai see, and most people use only new bills, because using brand new notes symbolises a new beginning.

People spend the weeks before New Year visiting banks to get newly printed bills. Many banks announce when they will have new bills and people line up outside before they open in order to get some of the new currency.

During that time, Banks and other companies tend to give out free red envelopes for their loyal customers.

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