Le Fruit, a fresh jam and juice brand in Vietnam is offering their delicious line of spreads with a custom POS display. If you are looking for retail display ideas, this one is definitely worth checking out.

In our example, Le Fruit is using a small sized rack with their brand printed on top. This marketing strategy is ideal for any size or type of retail store.

Retail Display Ideas by Le Fruit in Vietnam- Small Yet Remarkable

Retail Display Ideas by Le Fruit in Vietnam- Small Yet Remarkable

The key to creating a successful retail display is choosing the right design for your brand image. Looking closer at the image of Le fruit display shelf, there are colorful designs printed on the sides that represent each of the flavors of the fruit jam they are selling.

We have so many unique retail display ideas in our website. Do check them out. Below we share why Le Fruit’s retail display is a good one.

Why these Retail Display Ideas by Le Fruit are a Good Marketing Strategy?

  • Visibility – using a colorful Creative POS display to showcase your product is one of an effective way of marketing your brand. Eye-catching designs leave a positive impact on the minds of consumers.
  • Easy AccessFree standing display unit gives customers easy access to the products. It also allows them to locate the brand along busy aisles of department stores without hassle.
  • Portability – Le Fruit POS display is made of wood and is just the right size for limited spaces. Portability of the stand makes it easier for the storeowner to relocate it if they have to re-arrange product displays. It can be moved anywhere and reused for their next promo run.If you want something smaller, easy to transport and ideal for counter tops, a counter POS display might be right for you. designs and materials vary depending on length of promo period, branding requirements, and marketing budget. Check out the blog below:

Those are some of the marketing ideas that may help you build your business. Regardless of the size of your retail outlet, POS Displays are one of the essential tools in sales promotions. Do you want to know more about how ODM can help grow your brand through unique promotional products, ? Contact us now and get a quote.

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