Jag is offering their loyal customers an opportunity to get a branded giveaway bag for free. Known for its comfortable yet stylish denim wear, the brand ups their game with yet another product that will bring convenience to their customers’ lives. They have been in the clothing market for a while hence they know a lot about this industry.

Jag Rewards Their Customers With a Branded Giveaway Bag

Jag Rewards Their Customers With a Branded Giveaway Bag

Branded Giveaway Bag as Gift With Purchase

Actually, this custom branded giveaway bag is very versatile. It easily transforms into 3 kinds of bag. You may wear it as a reliable backpack for your city adventures. And if you’re feeling ladylike, transform it into a stylish handbag. Lastly, if you’re feeling on the go, grab this branded bag and style it as your sturdy messenger bag.

As you can see. this bag comes in different style options. It’s like getting 3 custom promo bag for free!

Customers receive this free bag every time they purchase Php 3,000 worth of regular-priced ladies’ wear. Simply present the receipt to the store where the purchase took place to claim the free bag.

Why do we like this Promotion from Jag Jeans?

  • Brand Awareness – This kind of promotion draws a lot of attention to your brand. This helps your brand stand out from the rest of your competitors. The 3-way option of the bag helps when it comes to attracting customers. They know that this item is practical. Customers will certainly flock to your brand which increases brand awareness. Check out another bag design that also captures the attention of customers.
  • Encourages Impulse Purchases – These kinds of promotion make customers do impulse shopping. When something as practical as this 3 – way bag is being offered, most likely, customers would not dare miss this. As customers,  we feel that these are like”one-off” retail opportunities are totally worth it.
  • Practicality – As mentioned, this promo gift is very practical to customers. Hence, getting your hands on this promo item is not a waste of money. In fact, this freebie serves as a bonus to your regular shopping routine. Moreover, it ensures that the gift with purchase bag will be used by customers wherever they go. As such, this could help advertise the brand to people in the streets.

Overall, we highly recommend using a branded giveaway bag as your next promotional item. It obviously is really appealing and attractive to a lot of shoppers. This promotion would most definitely help your brand’s marketing efforts.

Will your bag benefit from a branded giveaway bag? If so, get in contact with a member of the ODM Team today – we’d love to hear from you! We can design and produce goods to your exact desire. Email us any questions about design and bag manufacturing process and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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