Bags are great promotional products. They serve as walking billboards for the brand. In Japan, where packaging is always king, we see how bags are attached very neatly but given transparency of wrapper and the standard method for attaching it does not really impact the aesthetic of the cover. It’s just neat.  They’re giving away a custom promo bag upon purchase of their magazine.

The magazine serves as the wrapper for the custom promotional bag. It is neatly packed hence it displays cleanly on the magazine rack – pushing creativity to its limits.

Surprise Everyone with this Custom Promo Bag - Magazine Giveaway

Surprise Everyone with this Custom Promo Bag – Magazine Giveaway

Choosing the right promotional bag for your brand is all about evaluating the needs and wants of your customers. For instance, the custom promo bag is also perfect for any trade event. You’ll be able to reach consumers with custom promo bag whilst providing them with a means to carry around all of the freebies that they pick up during the course of an event.

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Why do we love this Custom Promo Bag from a Japanese magazine?

  • Creates Brand Advocates – This well-designed branded giveaway can be reused by consumers. Therefore, the customers promote the brand everytime the bag is used.
  • Cost – Effective – Bags are not that expensive to produce. In fact, most tote bags are made of canvass. They tend to be cheaper when bought in large quantities.
  • Free Item – Everyone loves to receive free items. Customers think that they got something extra from their regular purchase. This saves them money while getting more.
  • Customisable – Like any other promotional items, this custom promo bag is highly customisable. Brands could pattern the design, colour, size, etc according to their brands’ overall theme.
Surprise Everyone with this Custom Promo Bag - Magazine Giveaway

Surprise Everyone with this Custom Promo Bag – Magazine Giveaway

This custom promo bag is an effective promo gift for brands. Promotional products are cheaper forms of advertising if compared to other popular platforms like traditional billboards, marketing LED displays, etc.

If this product interests you, feel free to contact ODM anytime. The ODM team is expert in marketing and manufacturing. So, we are confident that we can help you with all your marketing concerns.

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