Currently in Chinese stores the world’s sports apparel giant Nike Inc. is implementing an excellent sports apparel promotion – giving away a branded canvas bag with any purchase absolutely for free!

This kind of promotional bag stands out for its excellent material and printing quality. Nike, the international brand famous for supporting sustainable development and concern for environment, has chosen the most eco-friendly material for the totes – canvas.

Sports Apparel Promotion: Free Canvas Bag by Nike

Sports Apparel Promotion: Free Canvas Bag by Nike

Why canvas bag is a great idea for sports apparel promotion?

  1. Eco-friendly. Canvas is a weighty, plain-but-strong woven 100% cotton fabric, sturdy, natural, easily cared for, and mostly important, recyclable. That means with this promotion you will underline your concern for environment.
  2. Universal: you can’t deny, everyone loves – and more important – needs, tote bags. Useful item to take to the gym, shop, or in a trip, and large enough to carry all the needed belongings.
  3. Excellent quality: promotional product should stay in line with the brand it represents. Nike shoes and apparel are fashionable, stylish, and of a high quality – same as their promotional canvas bag with sparkling print.
  4. Effective: did you know that tote bags receive more impressions than any other promotional item, especially in the USA and Australia? So this makes the bag a perfect item for brand placement.
Sports Apparel Promotion: Free Canvas Bag by Nike

Sports Apparel Promotion: Free Canvas Bag by Nike

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