Yet again famous beer brand Guinness are giving away free gifts. This time there is a promotion with sports related background – a limited edition Rugby World Cup free glass.

Free Glass by Guinness - Rugby World Cup Promotion

Free Glass by Guinness – Rugby World Cup Promotion

Guinness purposely  released these glasses during last year’s Rugby World Cup. In the packaging the glasses hold a can of Guinness, which makes it an excellent gift with purchase item.

The Guinness made promotion even more attractive to Rugby lovers by offering collectible glasses with different Rugby union positions. The options available are: Captain, Fly Half, Winger, The Veteran, Coach and several more.

Free Glass by Guinness - Rugby World Cup Promotion

Free Glass by Guinness – Rugby World Cup Promotion

What makes Guinness Free Glass giveaway an excellent Rugby World Cup promotion?

  1. Beer industry and sports brands are interdependent and have a long mutually beneficial history of collaboration. According to IMR Sports Marketing report, global beer sports sponsorship spend is estimated to have reached $1.4 billion in 2015.  Sponsorship worth that since fans who are emotionally invested in a sport will pay more attention to, recall more about, and have a more positive association with the brand and products of an official sponsor.
  2. For this promotional campaign Guinness designed a unique, impressive and eye-catching POS display, which was placed in central position in stores all over the USA. Call-to-action “Free limited edition glass” advert will definitely bring customers attention, as well of creative design, similar to rugby sports field.
  3. Guinness kindly decided to offer two options for receiving their collectible rugby free glass. The customers could get it both with purchase of one pint of their beer and with each multi-can pack purchase.
Free Glass by Guinness - Rugby World Cup Promotion

Free Glass by Guinness – Rugby World Cup Promotion

Overall, Promotional cases are  highly-effective tools. This is a good example of sports related marketing campaign, which other beer brands should definitely consider to follow.

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