Unique corporate gifts are a huge part of every company’s marketing strategy. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen client – bank relationship. But you’ll need to keep your strategies fresh to keep customers interested. That’s exactly what BDO did in their recent brand campaign. To show their gratitude for banking with them, BDO, based in the Philippines, offers a simple custom branded tote bag to their clients.

Custom Branded Tote Bag

Custom Branded Tote Bag

Why Should Your Brand Offer Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are a fantastic way to show your appreciation to your loyal customers, clients, employees, as well as prospective business partners. Companies invests in promo gifts because add value to the brand. It strengthens relationships which is key to a successful business. Offering marketing gifts can make your clients feel that they are valued and appreciated. That is why it is important to create promotional products that are of superb quality to get your message out there and to maximise your exposure.

Custom Branded Tote Bag – Why It’s a Great Investment

  • High Utility– Everyone could use an extra bag, especially a classy one. Good thing BDO gives out elegant looking branded tote bags that could be used in a variety of occasions such as picnic, shopping, work, etc. The size of this bag is also perfect because it’s big enough to keep essential personal items. Ultimately, the quality of the bag is way better than most giveaway totes.
  • Branding Potential – BDO’s custom promotional bag has a wide area for imprinting brand visuals. But they kept the design to a minimum so as to maintain elegance and not look like a cheap customer giveaway. The company used a rubberized logo to embellish their black tote. Since it’s rubber, they can be sure that the branding will last longer, thereby boosting repeat exposure.
  • Value Increases Overtime – The more the product is used, the more its utility value increases. Bags do not go out of trend and they will rarely be thrown away. Customers will feel as if they can rely not only on your gifts but on your brand as well.
  • Designing Your Custom Branded Tote Bags –  In our example, we can say that the simple design gives off a serious and professional vibe, which befits BDO. A tote bag can be easily customized. In fact, you have a lot of choices when it comes to materials, design, colour, size, etc. Everything depends on your brand’s preference and theme. Here are important reasons why branded tote bags are great advertising products and why you should invest in head-turning designs.

Improvements in the Bag Design

Personally, it would be best if their custom branded tote bag comes in a variety of colours. It gives customers the liberty to choose the colour that they want. And, this promotes the brand even more because customers would want to collect all styles, if possible.

Overall, this client gift item from BDO is full of potential. So, if you’d like to create your own tote bag promotion, please feel free to contact our team anytime.


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