The fast food industry is extremely competitive. With so many large companies competing for customer attention, how do you stay on top? Use custom promotional merchandise! That’s exactly what Jollibee, a fast food chain in the Philippines, is doing for years. As part of their current marketing stint, they are offering a custom printed drawstring bag to their customers.

What we really love about this promotional branded bag is the plush toy version of their ever-famous mascot. The bag folds up and fit into the plush toy attached to it. And, we’ve heard that these are selling like hotcakes!

Custom Printed Drawstring Bag

Custom Printed Drawstring Bag

So how does this promotion work? For every value meal, customers will have to add Php 320 in order to get this limited-edition custom printed drawstring bag.

What We Like About Jollibee’s Custom Printed Drawstring Bag

Let’s examine the custom bag that Jollibee is offering their customers. The bag is is printed with “Jollibee” all over. The brand primarily uses its signature red hue which is recognisable even from afar. Its size is more or less the same as those regular drawstring bags we see at sports and outdoor shops. Also, the material used is fairly sturdy and could hold a decent amount of weight. And who could miss the cute plush Jollibee mascot? Kids would certainly love to have this limited edition item! The the mini Jollibee plush attached to the bag is eye catching.


What Makes This Custom Printed Drawstring Bag A Good Promotional Item?

  • Adds Value – Gifting a well-loved character to customers, especially kids, adds value to the brand. Customers would love the idea of getting something that they like from their regular purchase. As a result, customers would keep coming back to the brand because gifts like these, strengthen the relationship between brand and customers. As it is limited-edition, it pushes customers to “buy now” before it’s too late.
  • Functional – Kids can use these bags at school, running errands, and sports events. Even if the bag is fully customised and branded, and you have Jollibee all over the bag, the product designers still created something that is functional and not just for display. They have maintained functionality over aesthetics which is a good thing.
  • Effective Branding – With Jollibee printed on the bag, the company gains a lot of brand exposure. When kids wear the branded drawstring bags serve as an efficient advertising tool. People will easily spot the bag and quickly remind them of Jollibee.
  • Increases Sales: Purchase with purchase promotions are a great way to upsell products and increase sales. By adding a certain amount, customers will get this limited-edition merchandise, thereby increasing company sales.
  • Timeless: Jollibee usually offers toys along with their kiddie meals so offering a custom promotional bag is a breath of fresh air. Some kids may be too old for toys, so a bag that doubles as a plush toy is a fantastic option for young ones and kids at heart.

In conclusion, Jollibee was able to increase sales and boost exposure by offering a custom printed drawstring bag. The timelessness and practicality of their custom branded merchandise help them cement their reputation as a kid and family-friendly fast food chain.

So, if you’re looking for a good promotional product that is not only customizable but effective, then why not use a custom printed drawstring? Contact us now so we may help you plan and design your promotional product. Our team is always ready to help you with all your marketing and manufacturing needs.


Other Drawstring Bag Designs:

This drawstring bag has a unique design because our team uses reflective strips which is great at night. Also, it’s a fun colouring bag for the kids.

Drawstring bags are great marketing giveaways because they usually have a large branding space. Custom promotional giveaways will help propel your business to great success because this can be tailored to your business branding just like this bag form Milo.

These drawstring bags double as a goodie packaging for your lovely pets. The bright colours make it extra funky which is perfect to capture a pet owner’s attention.