Elle promotes their magazines by giving out promotional products along to attract more customers to purchase their magazines. Previously, Elle has given out branded Calendars, Wallet and Cosmetic Pouch. This time, to boost their sales to a greater height, Elle Magazine has collaborated with Agnès b. for their Agnès b. branded drawstring bag. Simply spend an extra HKD$ 28 to receive the on pack promo at HKD$ 68. This promotion was found in a convenience store, Circle K, in Hong Kong. Read on to find out more about this promotion!

Fashion that Comes Along with Magazines – Branded Drawstring Bag

Fashion that Comes Along with Magazines – Branded Drawstring Bag

Agnès b. has grown its popularity relatively fast and is now a very famous brand worldwide. Many people could be seen wearing their Agnès b. branded T-Shirts all around town. Agnès b. has been offering fashions that match and reflect the spirit of the age, a wardrobe that adapts to every personality and can be worn for a very long time. There are now more than a hundred shops opened throughout the world.

How will this branded drawstring bag boost sales?

Elle Magazine, by collaborating with a renowned brand in the world, would be able to generate a lot of sales for themselves. Customers tend to have a higher perceived value for promotional items that are branded with well-known brands than one that do not have any brands on it. This way, when customers see that Elle Magazine is having this purchase with purchase sales for the branded Agnès b. drawstring bag, they would naturally be more attracted to purchase their magazines. Some people may even purchase the magazines for the branded bag!

Branding your promotional items

Branding is very crucial to generate more sales for your company. Elle Magazine branded the Agnès b. drawstring bag by attaching a mini ‘Elle’ tag at the side of the bag. By branding their promotional item, it would help increase brand awareness for their magazine. Brand loyalty could also be created in the long run. Furthermore, these branded promotional items could even act as a free walking advertisement for your company. When users carry these branded drawstring bags with the branding of the two companies, people would be able to notice the brands. Wait no more and start getting your very own branded promotional items now!