Do you want your audience to pay attention to your brand? There are many ways to promote your brand. But one of the most effective strategies to bring your brand closer to people is through promotional mascots. Take a look at this example from Hush Puppies. Their custom promotional mascot is a popular one and they used it to bring in more walk-ins into their shop.

Your custom promotional mascot will serve as the face of a company. But how does it affect your brand? Here are clever reasons you need to invest in a high quality custom promotional mascot.


Why to invest in high quality custom promotional mascot?

Promotional plush toys are one of the most popular promo items. It is completely understandable. They are soft, they look cute and can be custom designed. However, plush toys are one of the most complicated promotional products to design and manufacture. Therefore this case study will highlight the vital information needed when designing a plush and the factors that need to be considered.

custom promotional mascot

custom promotional mascot

Hush Puppies mascot is a basset hound hence the large dog plush in their display. You can see that the brand logo is sewn in on the ear of the mascot. It stands atop a table along with their main selling products – shoes with dog designs! Hush Puppies really made the most out of their mascot and here’s why we love it!



Even though you don’t have a big budget for advertisement, plush toys are perfect option for companies. However, the size of the plush and the type of materials can affect the pricing that’s why size is important to have a clear budget plan before venturing the actual sampling and production. Speak with a plush toy manufacturer to know what materials are available and how much you’ll spend moving forward. The MOQ in China for custom plush toys is quite high so you need to know what factors affect the order requirement and how you can negotiate for a reasonable order quantity and price.


Brand logo.

You can place your brand logo anywhere you like to make it visible. It can be mascot’s clothing or even its ear as on presented example below. A Custom promotional mascot attracts customers because of one simple reason-they look so cute! Everyone will pay attention to such promotion.

custom promotional mascot

custom promotional mascot

In our example, Hush Puppies positioned the plush toy near the window so they are highly visible. When customers see this fluffy mascot, they’ll be curious to find out what the brand is offering. It effectively directs their attention towards their store and away from competitors.


Boost your sales.

Our suggestion is to offer this promo product as a customer giveaway. This could make your product stand out and take competitive advantage. Moreover, to increase sales even more, you can produce a line of mascots with different shapes or colours.


Can Drive Impulse Purchase.

Mascots appeal mostly to the younger market. As such, this helps facilitate sales, as they will ask their parents to buy in order to receive a promo plush. In other words, custom promotional mascot as a giveaway to children can drive impulse purchase. In Hush Puppies case, they are simply using the mascot as a POS display not as a giveaway. So maybe offering mini stuffies to customers would help stimulate sales.


How ODM can help?

Enquire @ODM to learn more about how we can improve your business. Our product designers will provide you with multiple unique and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience and increase brand recognition. Our merchandising specialists here are capable of assisting you throughout every process. Contact ODM now!


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