The 2014 Olympic Games was the first time that the Russian Federation will host the Winter Games. You may view past games and events in the Russian Federation’s online website. With every online purchase, you will get a promo gift which is the mascot of the Sochi Olympic Games: The Snowboarding Leopard. The main idea of this promotion is to create more buzz and attention as well as support for the Sochi Olympics.

Promo Gift by Olympic Games in Sochi 2014: Plush Mascot

Promo Gift by Olympic Games in Sochi 2014: Plush Mascot

What can a promo gift do for your business?

There are many different ways to use promo gift in your business. Firstly, promo gift that is branded with your event or logo will remind your current customers about your company. Choosing to use plush mascots offers ample room for you to do your branding. Nowadays, it’s rather unusual to see a plain gift, most gifts have some kind of artwork or logo.

Secondly, using plush mascots as a promo gift serves as an advertisement for your business from wherever they are seen at. Furthermore, it costs less to buy some items and print your logo on them as compared to doing a newspaper or television advertisement.

Thirdly, a plush mascot can be used to keep your staff happy. Apart from advertising, the plush mascot can also be used to reward employees. Promo gifts make nice gifts for your employees during holidays or for their birthdays.

Think of ways to make your brand or campaign stand out from the competition. Start planning for your promotion now! Promo gift can truly bring success to your business. The plush mascot can be imprinted with your company name or logo for maximum exposure. Plush toys are a great way to take a refreshing break from a hard day’s work. Moreover, mascots are an attractive display on any desk. Even guests will notice bright and fun plush toy and it will draw attention to your business. Start planning your promotion now, you can’t go wrong with plush mascot. They bring a smile and hug to hearts of any age!

Now it is time to give our Russian readers a brief summary of this post:

Мягкая игрушка это лучший подарок для любой промо-акции. Кроме того, игрушки с логотипом компании повысят узнаваемость бренда и привлекут внимание покупателей. Начните планировать свою рекламную акцию на следующий год прямо сейчас, а компания ODM с удовольствием Вам поможет в этом.