Plush Giveaway by CushellePlush giveaway toys. You think it can only be marketed to parents and kids? Uh, no. Not all people of legal age have denounced their love for cuddly toys. Even if they can now sleep without these beside them, it’s still refreshing to look at them.

Irresistably Cushiony Soft is the famous tagline of Cushelle. They unveiled a new promo campaign in the past weeks. Their latest promotional plush giveaway features their well-known Koala mascot.

Cushelle is using Facebook as a promotional platform. They are making their customers work to enjoy the free redemption.

To win this cute cuddly soft toy, fans have to go through these stages:

  • ‘Like’ the brand’s Facebook page. This will make it go viral.
  • Play the ‘Irresistable Match’ game. The players must reunite Koala with cushiony soft Cushelle.
  • Players with high scores get to win the Koala plush. Only 10,000 Koala Plush toys are available to be won.


Rewards from a Plush Giveaway Promotion

  • Improves Customer Experience. Involving customers to the promotion helps Cushelle reach them easily. The brand can do it without showing obvious marketing intentions. The younger generation truly loved the game. They became the brand’s ambassadors in the social network with raving positive comments and reviews. The response was incredible.
  • Enhances Brand Consciousness. You can adopt various techniques to push consumers towards playing for promotional products. However, none has seen the success like advert games, which are popular and effective in this computer age. Remember, Facebook also has a ‘Share’ button. Millenials who win the plush giveaway from advert games will want to broadcast it. This is what enhances brand consciousness.
Cushelle Plush Giveaway with a T-Shirt!

Cushelle Plush Giveaway with a T-Shirt!

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