Norilsk Nickel is a Russian nickel and palladium mining and smelting company. The Group is involved in prospecting, exploration, extraction and metallurgical processing of minerals, as well as in production, marketing and sale of base and precious metals. Norilsk Nickel is ranked among the top ten copper producers. Norilsk Nickel are using mascot to brand themselves. The group is using this polar bear in all their advertising and using this mascot as promotional toys.

Promotional Toys by Norilsk Nickel: Plush Toy

Promotional Toys by Norilsk Nickel: Plush Toy

Impact of Using Mascots as Promotional Toys

ODM has many suggestions on how to market your business with plush toys, they can be made in all colors and shapes. This continuous promotion has made customers remember the advertising and this promo gift will surely increase brand awareness. By rewarding customers with promo gift, it helps companies to increase sales as well as building positive brand image. Unforgettable promos create deep impressions like these. Awareness will be etched in customers mind and they will be grateful to receive.

Plush toys can be imprinted with your company name or logo for maximum exposure. Plush toys are a great way to take a refreshing break from a hard day’s work. Moreover, mascots are an attractive display on any desk. Even guests will notice bright and fun plush toy and it will draw positive attention to your business. Start planning your promotion now, you can’t go wrong with plush toys. They bring a smile and hug to hearts of any ages!

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Мягкая игрушка это лучший подарок для любой промо-акции. Кроме того, игрушки с логотипом компании повысят узнаваемость бренда и привлекут внимание покупателей. Начните планировать свою рекламную акцию на следующий год прямо сейчас, а компания ODM с удовольствием Вам поможет в этом.