Promotional gifts have been utilised by many companies as a marketing tool. It is an increasing trend that it motivates companies to be more innovative. That’s why you need to add some swag into your marketing campaign! You can increase the demand for ordinary products with marketing swag. This is how we do it.

Marketing Swag - Foldable Calculator

Marketing Swag – Foldable Calculator

A calculator is a basic product which is widely available. However, this foldable calculator is unique and innovative. It will fit even the smallest handbag! Made of silicone, you can customize the colour of the product. We suggest that you use your company colour. It is especially so when your brand can be easily recognized by your company colour. A good example are orange for Nickelodeon, red for Ferrari or the Tiffany‘s blue.

Marketing swag does not only allow you to alter the product. It also allows you to use creativity on the artwork design as well. Here is an example how to add some swag to ordinary sticky notes.

Marketing Swag - Custom Sticky Notes

Marketing Swag – Custom Sticky Notes

These sticky notes are designed to mimic social media sites. It only takes 2 colour printing but it definitely increases the perceived value of these sticky notes. This is really useful when you are launching or promoting a new product. Instead of giving out vouchers to spend somewhere unrelated to your product, give away some sticky notes that resemble the interface of your product!

Effects of Marketing Swag on Business

Marketing swag draws attention. It also creates a desire to own the product offered due to its exclusivity. The desire to own the product entices customers to purchase your product. This is what we call impulse purchasing. Impulse purchasing will surely drive sales.

Interesting products not only draws attention at the point of sale. It is still very eye catching when users utilize it. This is why you should brand the products prominently. It will increase brand awareness and serve as an advertisement. That being said, you are increasing your market share and boosting your brand image by using marketing swag.