Wondering what kind of promotional toys are suitable for your campaign? Every child would love to receive toys as a present! Some adults too! Toys can brighten up their days and kill boredom. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to provide the solution that your customer is looking for? Well, here is an idea for promotional toys. 

Promotional Toys - Multi Board Game Box

Promotional Toys – Multi Board Game Box

Board games are fun and available in different varieties.  Some examples of classic board games are Chess, Ludo and Backgammon. Board games also cater  to different ages. For example Snake and Ladder is famous for kids. There are other patented board games such as Hasbro’s Monopoly, Conway’s Game of Life and Rich Dad’s Cashflow Game.

Board games are highly portable to be brought for vacations or house parties. They can be a great social tool as well. It is always fun to play board games as a social group.

Offering Board Games as Promotional Toys

You don’t have to confine yourself to one board game at a time to give away. Just like the picture above, include as many board games in one set! All you need to do is to design a compartment to keep all the pieces and create different detachable boards to play on.

Other than wood, you can opt to use cardboard to give it away as an on pack promotion. Cardboard is light and easy to print on. You can definitely offer a compact gift with purchase. Package it to increase the perceived value of the product. Besides the material you can customize the board itself. Be creative with the artwork! You can incorporate your logo with the artwork. This will boost your brand image for sure. Do try to use user-friendly pieces when designing this product. It will reflects well on the organization for being customer-oriented. This will increase brand recall and strengthen brand loyalty.